Strategic Objective (SO) 7: Enhance International Engagement

Objective Owner
Lily Waterston, MA, Director, International Programs (


ASHA is engaged internationally with service providers, educators, scientists, and other groups to proliferate research, and improve professional preparation and service delivery.


  • Partnering with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization (WHO) to strengthen knowledge and build capacity of professionals and organizations that address communication disorders in selected countries. These are: Honduras, El Salvador, Guyana, Paraguay, Belize, and Ecuador. Last June in Honduras, 24 students graduated as phonoaudiologists from the National University of Honduras for the first time ever in this country. 47 additional students will graduate by 2025. ASHA submitted an application to renew its official status as Non-State Actor (NSA) of PAHO for another three years (2024–2026). The International Issues Board established the ASHA–PAHO Collaboration Advisory Subcommittee for one year. The Subcommittee will end in December and will provide a set of recommendations to the IIB.
  • Increasing the outreach and numbers of the International Affiliates (IAs): 610 IAs in 63 countries as of 12/31/22. Developing resources and regional strategies to better serve this audience, improve exchanges, and increase affiliation.
  • Collaborating with WHO and the International Communication Project (ICP) for public awareness campaigns. In partnership with the Hearing Loss Association of America, ASHA conducted a digital campaign to promote World Hearing Day (March 3). ASHA continued to contribute to ICP’s strategic meetings, publication of its newsletter, and to manage its website.
  • Partnering with international organizations for joint conferences in different regions of the world: In 2023, ASHA partnered with the International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders (IALP) for its Congress scheduled for August 24–26, 2023 in New Zealand.
  • Participating in WHO and PAHO high-level meetings: In 2023, ASHA participated in the WHO Rehabilitation 2030 and World Rehabilitation Alliance meetings, PAHO Executive Committee meeting, PAHO Directing Council meeting (hybrid), WHO World Hearing Forum meeting.
  • Increasing publications from authors outside the U.S.: As of 12/31/22, there are 874 international authors in ASHA journals (including Perspectives). The ASHA Journals Academy includes information on translation services and resources for non-English speakers. Launched “Paperpal Preflight”, a service to provide authors automated editorial review of their manuscripts prior to submission. This is especially valuable for the success of international authors.

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