Changing CE Personnel

Use this form to report to ASHA Continuing Education (CE) within 30 days, any decision to change CE personnel (i.e., CE Administrator or CE Content Consultant). ASHA CE reserves the right to request additional documentation, as needed, to verify the qualifications of the proposed personnel. 

When proposing a CE Administrator who is not a member of or certified by ASHA, please submit the name, contact information and resume for a CE Content Consultant who is a member of or certified by ASHA. Refer to the CEB Manual [PDF] see Provider Requirements/Responsibilities for Ongoing Maintenance of Approved CE Provider Status section for additional information.

Additionally, Providers should designate one additional person  as "Provider Staff/Alternate Contact." This individual will have access to the Course and Offering Registration system and may view course and offering history, submit courses, add offerings, and supply additional information when requested by ASHA CE staff. 

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