CE Course and Offering Registration Information Change Form

Please use the ASHA CE Provider Portal to cancel offerings. See the CE Provider Portal User Guide [PDF] for details.

Use this form to:

  • Change Course Information
    • Correct errors found in the course and offering registration confirmation letter.
    • Request partial credit prior to course offering reporting.
    • Request a change in the registered ASHA CEU amount.
  • Change Offering Information
    • Reschedule a registered offering to begin at least three days after the prior start date. If the offering end date has already passed, please cancel the course offering in the Course and Offering Registration and Cancellation System by looking up the course, viewing the offering overview page, selecting the offering intended to be canceled, and clicking the cancel button. Then add an additional offering on the offering overview page.
    • Change locations on registered offerings.

* indicates required field.

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