Call for Centennial Celebration Ideas

The Ad Hoc Committee on Centennial Planning is extending the submission period for all ASHA members to share their ideas for celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2025. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to communication sciences and disorders and the history and legacy of our professional organization. Whether you have a creative, educational, or inspirational idea, we want to hear from you!

You can propose an idea for a celebration that involves the entire ASHA community, a specific group of members, or the public. Your idea should be aligned with the Centennial’s vision and objectives, as outlined below, and should showcase the impact and diversity of our field.

Centennial Vision
Strike a balance between retrospective and future-forward reflections with a spotlight on the present.

Centennial Objectives

  1. Inform members and educate consumers.
    • Members: For our next chapter, ASHA will be spurred by past achievements and identify opportunities to innovate.
    • Consumers: Improve public awareness about the expertise and services of CSD professionals.
  1. Intensify member value and member engagement.
  2. Inspire and motivate members.

We appreciate your participation and enthusiasm for ASHA's Centennial. Together, we can make this a memorable and meaningful year for our association and professions.

To submit your idea, please complete the online form below. The extended submission period is open through November 20, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. ET.

By submitting your idea, you understand not all submissions will be implemented, and you agree to let ASHA contact you for further information if needed.

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