Earn ASHA CEUs Through Self-Study

What is a Self-Study?

Self-study CE activities are materials developed for individuals or groups of learners who seek flexibility in the location and scheduling of a course. These self-paced activities offered for a pre-set number of ASHA CEUs may be in the form of online modules, videotapes, journals or podcasts, manuals or computer programs, or any combination of these media. Learners must demonstrate satisfactory completion of the learning experience either by exam, completion of an assignment or demonstrated attendance/participation and pay the ASHA CE Registry fee [PDF] before they can earn ASHA CEUs.

    Self-Studies Offered by ASHA Approved CE Providers

    ASHA Approved CE Providers, including ASHA Professional Development, have a growing selection of self-study products that they offer for ASHA CEUs.

    Go to ASHA CEFind and search for a course topic or Provider name. Once you see the initial search results, you may select "Individual" under the Format filter to locate self-study courses currently registered for ASHA CEUs. Contact the Provider directly for details on course content, criteria for earning ASHA CEUs (e.g., passing an exam, completing assignments), and schedule for filing coursework and related documentation.

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