Are You Experiencing Too Much Stress

by Steve Ritch

Are you stressed? Well, who isn't, right? Some stress is normal. We all have times when we are stressed—even if things are going extremely well for us. For example, getting married, buying a house, or buying a new car are typically thought of as "good" things, but they can be very stressful when you look at the research, planning, and logistics involved.

I am not a therapist or a psychologist. Many professionals are trained to deal with the effects of stress on their clients or patients; some have written extensively about the definition, causes, and treatment of stress and stress-related disorders. However, even as just educated consumers, if we look at some of the literature and online resources available, we can see certain common themes emerge. For example:

  • Some stress is normal (even inevitable), and it will eventually pass.
  • Prolonged stress can be damaging; it can cause physical and emotional problems.
  • There are proven techniques to manage or alleviate stress.
  • There are professionals who can help us when we feel overwhelmed.

The stress we experience will often take care of itself, but if you face many stressors simultaneously, you might need to consider using a few stress management techniques. There are many great articles available online and several print resources that can help with the management of stress. These online resources are filled with good advice for dealing with or even alleviating stress. Some of the more popular resources include:

If you are experiencing sustained stress and feel unable to recover, please consider seeking the help of a trained professional. You could speak with a therapist, a doctor, or even a trusted clergy person. Attending a support group or talking with a sympathetic friend might also help. Remember, you do not have to handle the situation alone. There are plenty of resources available to you, and there are professionals who are more than willing to assist you.*

Online resources or websites listed in this article are for information purposes only. ASHA does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of other online resources.

*Please note: The opinions in this article are that of the author. Please consult a trained professional if you feel overwhelmed or you are unable to cope on your own.

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