ASHA Messages to Members

The decision to act on matters of social injustice and to issue statements are the responsibility of the ASHA Board of Directors. Learn more about the framework the BOD uses to determine when to act.

Date Statement Title
March 15, 2024 ASHA Condemns Public Mockery of Stuttering
February 1, 2024 ASHA Stands United Against Hate, Intolerance, and Violence
January 29, 2024 The Facts About Stuttering
July 12, 2023 ASHA Opposes Discrimination of the LGBTQIA+ Community
July 7, 2023 ASHA Board of Directors Message: SCOTUS Decisions Related to Students
June 24, 2022 ASHA Statement on Supreme Court Decision: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization
May 25, 2022 ASHA Statement on School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas
February 21, 2022 (updated November 1, 2023) ASHA Statement on CDC's Updated Developmental Milestones
February 11, 2022 ASHA Statement on Brigham Young University Administration Decision to Deny Speech Services for Transgender Clients
October 27, 2021 ASHA Statement on Hate Speech Against Haitians
August 2, 2021 AOTA, APTA, and ASHA Call for Professional Action on COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Education
July 27, 2021 CDC Revises Mask Guidelines
March 19, 2021 ASHA Statement on Racism and Violence Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
January 26, 2021 ASHA Guidance: Reopening Schools and Possible Safety Strikes Related to COVID-19
January 8, 2021 ASHA Statement on Capitol Hill Violence
June 5, 2020 Response to Racism
June 2, 2020

A Clarifying Message from ASHA on Racism, Police Brutality, and Discrimination

June 1, 2020 Response to Racially Motivated Violence
June 28, 2019 Statement by ASHA President Shari Robertson on Immigrant Children's Living Conditions at Southern U.S. Border
May 14, 2018

ASHA Guidance: School Walkouts or Strikes

March 19, 2018

Gun Violence and School Safety

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