Sarah Schneider: SLP Expert Panelist for the Radio Show, VoiceBox, in San Francisco

Breaking Down Misconceptions About Vocal Health

Sarah Schneider describes her experience as an expert panelist for speech-language pathology on the San Francisco-based radio show, VoiceBox. The show focuses on the human voice in the context of singing.

Sarah Schneider, MS, CCC-SLP, sings the praises of being an ASHA media spokesperson. “It’s been a wonderful experience,” she says of her role on VoiceBox, a weekly radio program airing on KALW 91.7 San Francisco and iTunes that features discussion about the human voice in the context of singing.

The show is the perfect platform for Sarah’s two great loves. “I’m passionate about singing and committed to protecting the human voice,” she explains. “VoiceBox allows me to combine those interests.”

Before her involvement with the radio show, like most speech-language pathologists and audiologists, Sarah had done in-service presentations and educational lectures. An ASHA member since 2002, she works at the University of California San Francisco Voice and Swallowing Center, where she provides services to singers, actors, television news broadcasters, teachers, and others who use their voice professionally. She also evaluates and treats patients with voice changes caused by medical conditions or treatments.

Media work hadn’t been part of her resume, however. “The first time I got in front of the radio microphone, it was nerve-wracking but at the same time exciting,” Sarah recalls. Yet, she found a way to gather herself. Sarah took a deep breath and settled her nerves by telling herself that she was the professional expert. “I kept reminding myself that listeners were tuning in to hear what I had to say.”

Since then, Sarah has kept in mind that the information she shares with VoiceBox listeners could help them protect their vocal health and consider seeking treatment from a certified speech-language pathologist, and that has made the role of media source a more compelling one for her. She has been on the show eight times and remains available to it because VoiceBox offers her a chance to “educate and break down misconceptions” about vocal health.

“It’s exciting to think that a speech-language pathologist can reach so many people,” Sarah says. “The high level of interest in VoiceBox demonstrates how much we as communication professionals have to offer the public. In fact, I’ve gotten several new clients through my participation in the show.”

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