ASHA Leadership Academy

The ASHA Leadership Academy offers ways to fill in leadership skills gaps between the skills you’ve mastered and those you want to strengthen. There’s something for everyone—whether you’re new to the professions or a seasoned leader. With the Leadership Academy, ASHA aims for all members to have the opportunity to enhance their skills. 

Why Leadership Development?

ASHA is looking for leaders! Whether you’re an entry, emerging, or experienced leader, ASHA is seeking members who want to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Why? 

  • Because we want to build a strong pipeline of leaders to ensure the future of the Association and the professions.
  • Because the health care industry is changing in ways that directly and indirectly affect the professions. We need leaders who understand and can anticipate changes—those who can help steer the professions in the right direction to ensure their continued relevance.
  • Because leadership skills are a critical educational component of career advancement as an ASHA volunteer leader or in the workplace.

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