Speech-Language Pathology School Issues Advisory Board (SIAB)

Liaisons with the Vice President for Speech-Language Pathology Practice


The charge of the Speech-Language Pathology School Issues Advisory Board is to identify and monitor critical issues, forecast needs and trends, provide expertise in the development of resources, and recommend actions that support and enhance the work of school-based practitioners.


7 Voting Members: 

  • 2 SLPs who practice in a K–12 organization (one shall have 10 years or less experience); 
  • 1 SIG 16 representative; 
  • 1 member from the School Finance Committee or a State Education Advocacy Leader (SEAL);
  • 1 member is a graduate from the ASHA Leadership Development Program (LDP); 
  • 1 member who currently supervises school personnel or a school program (i.e., shall be a special education supervisor, speech/language program supervisor, school superintendent or assistant superintendent, or a state department of education speech/language program consultant);
  • 1 expert who has published and presented on critical topics of school practice (i.e., researcher)

2 Non-voting Members:

  • ASHA Board of Directors Liaison
  • Ex officio


  • Meagan Morgan (Chair) – term ends 12/31/2023 (SIG 16 representative)
  • Linda I. Rosa-Lugo, BOD Liaison, Vice President for Speech-Language Pathology Practice (non-voting)
  • Kyle Epps – term ends 12/31/2025(LDP Representative)
  • Linda T. Stone– term ends 12/31/2024 (Practitioner representative)
  • Alejandra Carrillo – term ends 12/31/2023 (Practitioner representative -10 years or less experience)
  • Angie Joy Neal – term ends 12/31/2024 (Supervisory representative)
  • Lindee Morgan – term ends 12/31/2023 (Researcher representative)
  • Tiffany White, ex officio, Director, School Services (non-voting)


3 years


​Committee members are expected to engage in a monthly conference call; actively engage on the SIAB collaboration site (e.g., respond to requests for comments on documents, contribute information on critical issues, initiate and engage in conversations about the needs of school-based practitioners​); and attend two face-to-face meetings: one at the ASHA N​​ational Office and the other on Committee Day at the annual ASHA Convention. ​

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

Expertise and experience pertaining to school-based issues

Staff Liaison

Tiffany White (twhite@asha.org)

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