School Finance Committee

Liaisons with the Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy


Make recommendations to and work with National Office staff to (a) develop strategies and initiatives to ensure appropriate coverage and reimbursement for audiology and speech-language pathology services to children in schools; (b) help ASHA members better identify and understand the complex and multiple funding processes involved in school-based services from federal, state, and local perspectives; (c) assure that the strategic finance needs and interests of both ASHA member audiologists and speech-language pathologists in school-based settings be considered and represented in the Association's annual public policy agenda; and (d) make referrals to other ASHA committees and boards for input, consideration, or action as appropriate on school finance issues of concern to ASHA members that relate to practice, research, academics, and credentialing activities of the Association.


Committee is composed of six members in education settings. At least one member is an audiologist. Both practicing clinicians and those acting in a supervisory or state consultant capacity are preferred.


  • Mike Maykish, Chair
  • Deborah Ross Swain, VP for GAPP
  • Jan Alejado
  • Kori Clements
  • Katharine Pearson
  • Keena Stewart
  • Allison Vogelbach


3 years


  • Meeting on committee day at ASHA convention
  • 5-6 conference calls

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

Experience with and understanding of school funding mechanisms; understanding of advocacy efforts for funding of programs and services preferred.

Staff Liaison

Bill Knudsen, ex officio (

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