Government Affairs and Public Policy Board

Liaisons with the Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy


The Government Affairs and Public Policy Board is charged with (a) developing the Association’s annual public policy agenda for adoption by the Board of Directors; (b) ensuring that the strategic needs and interests of ASHA members are represented in the Association’s annual public policy agenda; (c) providing ongoing coordination of communication with other ASHA committees, councils, boards, members, and state speech-language-hearing associations concerning the legislative, regulatory, and other public policy activities and initiatives of the Association; and (d) making recommendations to and working with the National Office staff to develop strategies to achieve the public policy agenda of the Association.


The Government Affairs and Public Policy Board (GAPPB) consists of 11 voting members and one National Office staff member to serve as a nonvoting ex officio member. The voting members shall include one consumer (public) member and the current Chair of the ASHA-PAC Board (or designee). The remaining nine GAPPB members are audiologists and speech-language pathologists representing a variety of work settings from across the country. One of the nine members will be an audiology or speech-language pathology member who is an ECP at the time of appointment. With the exception of the PAC Board Chair, the Committee on Committees (CoC) will appoint all GAPPB members. A nonvoting NSSLHA member will be appointed by the NSSLHA Executive Council for a term designed by the NSSHLA Executive Council to serve on the GAPPB. 


  • Arynn Byrd, Chair
  • Kelly Ball, Member
  • Bill Benson, Member
  • Henry Botzum, Member
  • Sinetra Bowdry, Member
  • Lisa Guerette, Member
  • Chanel Hudson, NSSLHA Member
  • John King, Member
  • Julie Verhoff Martinez, Member
  • Stephanie O'Silas, Member
  • Nicole Raia, Member
  • John J. Whicker, ASHA-PAC Board Chair
  • Deborah Ross Swain, Board Liaison


3 years; NSSLHA representative 2 years


3 meetings annually (including Committee Day at the annual Convention), 6–8 conference calls

Desired Service Qualifications/Experiences

Current ASHA member and through service if elected.

Note: The GAPPB conducts much of its business electronically. As such, computer and Internet access is required for service.

The ASHA members appointed shall demonstrate expertise in one or more of the following indicated: expertise in public policy/consumer advocacy, reimbursement issues, or expressed interest in government relations and public policy. 

Staff Liaison

Michelle Hostler, ex officio (

ASHA Corporate Partners