National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) National Advisor


Three years

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Relative to their role on the ASHA Board of Directors, in addition to the essential duties required for all BOD members, the NSSLHA National Advisor is charged with the following duties:

  • Serving as the National NSSLHA liaison to the Board of Directors
  • Preparing and presenting information at meetings of the ASHA Board of Directors on behalf of National NSSLHA
  • Serving as the ASHA Board of Directors liaison to National NSSLHA
  • Preparing and presenting information at National NSSLHA meetings on behalf of the Board of Directors
  • Facilitating the identification and deliberation of concerns and issues involving or impacting students
  • Monitoring, reviewing, and negotiating terms of the NSSLHA–ASHA Operating Agreement
  • Serving on the appropriate audiology or speech-language pathology subcommittee, and serving as a resource on student issues to both
  • Monitoring participation of student affiliates in Association governance

ASHA Standing Committees, Boards, and Councils

The NSSLHA National Advisor does not serve on any ASHA standing committees, boards, and councils (CBCs). 

Essential Experience/Expertise/Skills

In addition to the Experience/Expertise/Skills essential for all Board of Directors members, the NSSLHA National Advisor requirements are set by the NSSLHA Executive Council.   

Time Commitment (excluding travel time)

  • Weekly (routine tasks, emails, voting): 2–4 hours
  • Monthly (CBC work/Board of Directors virtual conferencing): 8–10 hours
  • Quarterly (meeting prep and attendance): 4–8 days

Note: An additional 10 hours per week (approximate) is required to fulfill the National NSSLHA role.

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