Tips for Submitting an Award Nomination

The members of the Committee on Honors have developed a series of tips to assist sponsors to develop the most effective nomination packet possible. Please note that while the list is based on the experiences that committee members have had reading application packets, adhering to these tips does not guarantee that your application packet will be successful.

The key to developing an effective nomination packet it to provide the committee members with a document that is clear, concise and with specific information about how the candidate has fulfilled the requirements of the award for which you are nominating them.

As the sponsor it is your responsibility to work with the other individuals who are providing support for the nomination to tell your nominee’s story. Remember that the members of the committee do not know most of the individuals who are nominated so you need to tell them about how your nominee meets and exceeds the requirements of the award for which they are being nominated. Do not assume that an individual’s reputation precedes them – you must tell your nominee's story.

The most effective nomination packets:

  • Start with a clear, concise and specific opening statement about why your nominee is deserving of the award for which they are being nominated. Even though a concise opening statement is important avoid, making the sentence vague and full of generalities. Every sentence counts.
  • Are prepared in such a manner that the requirements of the award match the characteristics of the nominee. Be sure to read the requirements for the award.
  • Are concise. Even though each member of the nominating team will likely provide overlapping information about the nominee, it is not useful to mention the same characteristics multiple times. Use the allotted space to offer unique examples that support the nominee’s fit to the award for which they are being nominated.
  • Are explicit. It is best to give specific examples of how the nominee has met or exceeded the requirements for the award. It is not useful to offer a statement noting that the nominee is excellent. Data are needed to support the claim. This is particularly true in situations where the nominee has gone above and beyond the expectations of their position.
  • Are proofread. It is your responsibility as the sponsor to ensure that there are no typos and the document flows smoothly and tells your nominee’s story. Be sure that the materials are focused on the individual being nominated not someone who was nominated the year before because the nomination materials are being reused.
  • End with a concise closing statement that summarizes and reinforces the outstanding attributes of your nominee that are expected for individuals who are chosen for the award.

General Tips:

(Note: Not all tips will apply to all awards.)

  • Know the intent of the award and the required nomination components.
  • Compile all nomination materials prior to initiating the online nomination process.
  • Agree on areas of outstanding performance; ensure that sponsor and co-sponsor documentation is consistent with each other and with the areas checked on the nomination form.
  • Cite a different accomplishment for each area of outstanding contribution.
  • Focus on quality not quantity; explain why the contribution is "outstanding."
  • Describe the outcomes and impact of the outstanding contribution; what sets this contribution apart from others; it's not enough to provide a list.
  • Provide comments about the nominee's unique approach to teaching, development of new programs or courses, teaching awards, and teaching evaluations.
  • Submit evidence to support testimonials or statements made by colleagues.
  • Verify, where applicable, that nominees and/or sponsors are ASHA members in good standing.
  • Strictly adhere to page limit requirements or risk the nomination not being considered.
  • Review all nomination materials for consistency before submitting the nomination.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of your colleagues!

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