Dorothy Dreyer Award for Volunteerism

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The Dorothy Dreyer Award for Volunteerism may be given annually to one individual who has made significant and outstanding volunteer contributions to ASHA and serves as a model of volunteerism to others. It was the founder's wish that this award be used to acknowledge the volunteer time and efforts of current ASHA members including those who, through employment and/or life constraints, may not have been afforded the opportunity to hold one of the highest elected positions in the Association.

Individuals may be nominated for exceptional contributions that have had subsequent impact on the professions, ASHA members, and clients. These contributions may have occurred over a defined period of time or over a period of many years and may include service on various ASHA committees, boards, councils, Board of Directors, and/or the ASHFoundation.

The Committee on Honors awards nominees to receive solely on the information provided in the nomination document prepared by the sponsor. When information and/or documentation are incomplete, the Committee may be unable to award deserving individuals.

Required Components

  • Sponsor and nominee are ASHA members in good standing
  • Sponsor has provided factual information in support of the nominee as follows:
    • Sponsor's letter of support addresses the nominee's credentials, why the volunteer activities are considered exceptional, and the subsequent impact of the work of the nominee on the professions
    • Support statements/letters from others may be included
    • Brief professional vita
    • Nomination materials, including all supporting documentation, may not exceed 10 pages that are at least single-spaced with a 12-point font size
    • Any inserted or embedded items in the supporting documentation must adhere to line spacing and font size requirements
    • All supporting documentation must be combined into one pdf document
  • General Requirements

Failure to adhere to all required components and instructions will result in rejection of the nomination, including any materials exceeding the specified number of pages.

Nomination schedule and submission process

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