ASHA's Envisioned Future

  • The public values and understands the services that audiologists and speech-language pathologists provide. ASHA members are viewed as being uniquely equipped for enhancing quality of life for their clients, patients, and students through scientifically based professional practice and inclusive care. Therefore, the professions are respected, valued, and appropriately reimbursed and compensated.
  • As a result of our efforts, educational models are transformed to prepare a professional workforce across the continuum to serve the population’s communication, hearing, swallowing, and balance needs. A diverse, growing, and competent workforce is available to provide unfettered access to appropriate care for every individual in need.
  • ASHA members from all backgrounds, representing the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the population, have developed deep connections with the organization, feel heard, and know that their contributions are valued and are critical to ASHA’s success. Members are empowered to advocate for themselves and their clients, patients, and students. We actively and effectively capitalize on the synergy between the professions. Consequently, member engagement and satisfaction are recognized as the gold standard in the association community, and the professions are consistently ranked among the most respected, trusted, and desirable career choices.

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