From the Director of Ethics

ASHA's director of ethics oversees ASHA's ethics program and serves as the ex officio member of the Board of Ethics.The director of ethics also serves as the National Office point person for ethics and ethics-related inquiries. Questions come from ASHA members, certificate holders, Clinical Fellows, Clinical Fellowship supervisors, employers, students, faculty, state licensure boards, ASHA National Office staff, ASHA leadership, and others.

As ex officio to the Board of Ethics, the director of ethics participates in ethics complaint adjudication discussions that often reveal the kinds of issues and situations that pose ethical dilemmas for ASHA members and certificate holders, and help the board identify topics to be addressed in its ethics education activities.

Below are some of the trends, issues, dilemmas, and situations related to professional ethics in audiology, speech-language pathology, and speech, language, and hearing sciences.

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