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Ethics Frequently Asked Questions

During the time the ASHA National Office is closed due to COVID-19 concerns, the Board of Ethics will temporarily accept the electronic submission of materials related to ethics complaints at

Can I file an anonymous ethics complaint?

No, because the identity of the complainant and a copy of the complaint form, along with any attachments, will be provided to the individual (respondent) against whom the complaint is filed. Read more information on why anonymous ethics complaints are not accepted.

What are the jurisdictional requirements for filing a complaint?

Any individual or entity may file a complaint; however, a complaint may only be filed against an individual (not an entity) who is (a) a member of ASHA, whether certified or not; (b) a nonmember holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the Association; or (c) an applicant for membership and certification.

Can I avoid an ethics action against me from the Board of Ethics if I resign my CCC?

A certificate holder who has resigned his/her CCC after a complaint is made or an alleged violation has occurred is not exempt from ethics complaint adjudication, whether currently in process or not.

Can I receive ethics guidance without filing a complaint?

Yes, you may contact ASHA's director of ethics at 800-498-2071, or submit your questions via e-mail to

Can I submit my complaint documentation by fax or e-mail?

No, you must mail your documentation because, among other things, an original signature is required on the complaint form [PDF].

How long does it take for an ethics complaint to be processed?

A complaint can be expected to take more than 12 months from beginning to end, depending on a number of factors: when it was originally received, how complete the documentation is, the number of appeals made, when the Board of Ethics next meets, etc.

How will I know my complaint has been received?

You will receive written acknowledgement from the Board of Ethics when the complaint is processed.

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