Troubleshooting Your Mentoring Relationship

S.T.E.P. Conflict Resolution Procedures

We realize that not all of the mentoring relationships will work out. S.T.E.P. has put conflict resolution procedures in place to ensure that everything possible has been done to remedy the relationship prior to termination. Please complete the following items prior to completing this form.

  1. Contact
  2. Provide S.T.E.P. with the name of the mentee and mentor and the nature of your concern. A S.T.E.P. coach will contact him/her on your behalf.
  3. Allow 2 weeks for the response to take place and/or an action plan to work.
  4. Confirm with S.T.E.P. that the situation has been resolved.

If your relationship continues to be unsuccessful, please complete the following Request to Terminate Mentoring Relationship Form. A S.T.E.P. coach will be in touch to discuss next steps. 

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