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Completing the Clinical Fellowship (CF) Experience

The Clinical Fellowship (CF) involves a mentored professional experience that begins after the completion of academic coursework and clinical practicum. The CF is designed to:

  • Integrate and apply theoretical knowledge from academic training
  • Evaluate strengths and identify limitations
  • Develop and refine clinical skills consistent with the SLP Scope of Practice
  • Advance from constant supervised practitioner to independent practitioner

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Step 1

Earn a Graduate Degree From a CAA-accredited program

Transition from being a student to becoming an independent provider of clinical services. Verify that all academic coursework has been completed and apply for certification any time before, during, or after your CF experience.

Step 2

Find a CF Setting and Mentor

Ensure the facility is able to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate, habilitate, or rehabilitate individuals with speech and language disorders. Verify online that your mentor holds an active CCC-SLP certification.

Step 3

Contact Your State Board

Familiarize yourself with your state licensure requirements; licensure and certification are separate! Many states require you to have an interim license as you complete your CF.

Step 4

Set Expectations

Confirm your mentor will complete 18 direct hours and 18 indirect hours of observation. Establish with your mentor what kind of CF experience you prefer and goals for your CF experience. Know the ASHA Code of Ethics and understand your responsibilities and your mentor's.

Step 5

Fill Out the CF Form Together

Review the SLPCF Report & Rating forms with your mentor. Document any changes in mentor, setting, or average hours worked per week on a separate form.

Step 6

Identify Strengths & Areas for Improvement

Focus on areas that need improvement based on feedback from your mentor. Use your mentor as a resource; after all, he or she was once a clinical fellow! Refer to the CF Skills Inventory [PDF]

Step 7

Confirm You Are on Track

Participate in feedback sessions with your mentor at the end of each segment of the CF. Complete a minimum of 36 weeks worked, totaling no less than 1,260 hours.

Step 8

Final Feedback Session

Earn a rating of "3" or better in the final segment for each of the core skills to qualify for approval by the ASHA National Office. Review the Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Fellowship Report and Rating Form [PDF] to make sure no areas are left blank and that all information is accurate! Make a copy of the SLPCF form for your records.

Step 9

Submit Completed SLPCF to ASHA

Mail your SLPCF Report and Rating Form to ASHA. Note that the CF will not be reviewed until you have applied for certification. Understand that the evaluation and processing of your complete application for certification, including all required documents, will take approximately 6 weeks.

Step 10

Confirm With the National Office

You will receive email confirmation from the National Office when your certification has been awarded—make sure you receive this before you begin signing with the CCC-SLP. Pay annual dues and fees while you are an applicant in the process for certification.

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