Reporting on Courses and Participants

Providers have several options for submitting reporting materials to ASHA CE. In addition to mailing the Activity Report Forms and ASHA CEU Participant Forms, providers may choose to report this information online or by fax, with certain restrictions. See below.

Is your reporting late? Don't forget to submit an appeal letter. Use the Appeal Request web form.

Reporting by Mail

This option is for courses with ASHA CEU participants only.

Courses with ASHA CEU participants: ASHA CEU Participant Form [PDF] and the accompanying Course Offering Report Form [PDF] can be mailed to:

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Continuing Education #340
2200 Research Blvd.
Rockville, MD 20850 

This option is open to all ASHA Approved CE Providers.

Reporting Online

The electronic reporting options are:

Reporting by Fax

The fax reporting options are:

  • Courses with ASHA CEU participants: ASHA CEU Participant Forms and the accompanying Course Offering Report Form can be faxed to this toll-free number 866-271-3040 only. No other items may be faxed to this number. This option is open to all Providers.
  • Courses held with no ASHA CEU participants, or to cancel a course: The Course Offering Report Forms for these two scenarios can be faxed to 301-296-8574 or submitted by web form. This option is open to all Providers.