ASHA Election Practices

The following election practices are acceptable:

  1. Candidates may:
    • Network with professional colleagues via face-to-face meetings, one-to-one telephone calls, group mailings, and/or group or individual emails to inform them of their nominations and seek their support
    • Participate in ASHA planned activities provided to inform ASHA members of all of the candidates
    • Respond to Allied and Related Professional Organizations (ARPO) questions that their group deems important to their members that could be published in ARPO publications
  2. Supporters of candidates including state associations and related professional organizations may communicate with friends and colleagues through face-to-face communication, one-to-one telephone calls, group mailings, social media platforms, and/or group or individual e-mails.

The following practices are unacceptable:

  1. Expenditures associated with candidacy (with the exception of the calls and mailings referred to in #1 and #2 above). These include:
    • Soliciting or accepting financial support from either individuals, professional associations, corporations, or employers
    • Seeking or accepting an employer or corporate sponsorship that would distribute campaign items or mailings on a candidate's behalf
  2. Production and use of campaign paraphernalia including, but not limited to: buttons, fliers, balloons, display booths, stickers, ribbons, business cards, or other giveaways.
  3. Seeking or accepting financial contribution from any ASHA Special Interest Group, committee, board, or specialty commission.
  4. Seeking or accepting endorsement of candidates from members of the Board of Directors, Committee on Nominations and Elections of the Leadership Cultivation and Nomination Board, SIGs, other ASHA committees, boards or councils or ASHA employees/staff.
  5. Running on a "ticket" (i.e. encouraging members to vote for individuals as a part of a slate).

Members of the Committee on Nominations and Elections (CNE) shall remain neutral and non-partisan during the elections process. It is unacceptable for any ASHA member to lobby a member of the CNE on behalf of potential nominees.

Questions about election practices should be directed to the Chair, Committee on Nominations and Elections, via Andrea Falzarano, Director, Association Governance Operations Team, or 301-296-5710.

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