Tips for Submitting an Award Nomination

(Note: Not all tips will apply to all awards.)

  • Know the intent of the award and the required nomination components.
  • Compile all nomination materials prior to initiating the online nomination process.
  • Agree on areas of outstanding performance; ensure that sponsor and co-sponsor documentation is consistent with each other and with the areas checked on the nomination form.
  • Cite a different accomplishment for each area of outstanding contribution.
  • Focus on quality not quantity; explain why the contribution is "outstanding."
  • Describe the outcomes and impact of the outstanding contribution; what sets this contribution apart from others; it's not enough to provide a list.
  • Provide comments about the nominee's unique approach to teaching, development of new programs or courses, teaching awards, and teaching evaluations.
  • Submit evidence to support testimonials or statements made by colleagues.
  • Verify, where applicable, that nominees and/or sponsors are ASHA members in good standing.
  • Strictly adhere to page limit requirements or risk the nomination not being considered.
  • Review all nomination materials for consistency before submitting the nomination.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of your colleagues!

ASHA Corporate Partners