Hearing Evaluation

Are you having trouble hearing? Have you failed a hearing screening? An audiologist can test your hearing and help you find ways to improve your hearing.

On your first visit, the audiologist will take your case history. This includes talking about your medical history and the hearing problems you have.

Next, the audiologist will look into your ears using a light, called an otoscope. This is to check if there is anything in your ear that will make it hard to test your hearing.

The audiologist will then do different tests to find out the following information:

  • If you have a hearing loss
  • Why you have a hearing loss
  • How bad your hearing loss is in each ear
  • What the best treatment options are for you

Your audiologist will go over all of your test results with you. This will tell you about how well you hear and what problems you have. Your audiologist may recommend that you do any of the following things:

  • Do more testing or see a doctor to look into some of the problems you have.
  • Begin using a hearing aid.
  • Get help with hearing at school.
  • Try using assistive listening devices.
  • Work on hearing skills with an audiologist.
  • Have your speech and language tested.

As you can see, a hearing evaluation is much more than "just a hearing test!"

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