Become a Volunteer

There are many benefits to volunteering for your professional association – networking with fellow members and obtaining connections, developing technical and/or leadership skills, and the ability to create additional opportunities for yourself within your career. ASHA encourages you to get involved in the association and make an impact in the community through volunteerism! There are opportunities to suit your interests, level of effort, and available time commitment. For a full list of opportunities available at ASHA, please refer to the information below.

ASHA Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a current list of open volunteer opportunities at ASHA. Come back often to learn of new ways and opportunities to get involved with ASHA!

There are no vounteer opportunities at this time.

State Association Volunteer Opportunities

Want to volunteer? See open volunteer opportunities with state associations.

Learn more about state association member benefits.

Get Involved!

Looking to become more involved with your professional association? Check out a list of volunteer opportunities available to you! If you are interested, contact the members in charge.

Submit Application for a Committee/Board

Celia Hooper shares how she got started as an ASHA leader, as well as advice for members interested in getting involved with ASHA.

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