Vice President for Science and Research


3 years

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

In addition to the essential duties and responsibilities required for all Board of Directors (BOD) members, the Vice President for Science and Research is charged with the following tasks:

  • Provide leadership regarding the research needs, trends, challenges, and opportunities of the communication sciences and disorders (CSD) discipline
  • Initiate and support recommendations to promote the scientific investigation of all forms of human communication, including research in the area of multicultural and multilinguistic issues
  • Facilitate the advancement of clinical practice research, implementation science, knowledge translation, and evidence-based practice in CSD
  • Support activities related to planning, coordinating, and publishing scholarly publications of the Association

ASHA Standing Committees, Boards, and Councils

The Vice President for Science and Research serves as the BOD liaison to the following ASHA standing Committees, Boards, and Councils (CBCs):

Essential Experience/Expertise/Skills

In addition to the Experience/Expertise/Skills essential for all BOD members, the Vice President for Science and Research requires the following tasks:

  • A strong and sustained record of research and scientific publication in peer-reviewed journals
  • A personal history of success in obtaining federal grant funding
  • Familiarity with clinical research (preferred but not required)
  • A history of service to one or more of the entities with whom the person in this position liaises (i.e., Journals Board; Research and Scientific Affairs Committee; Committee on Clinical Research, Implementation Science, and Evidence-Based Practice), with leadership roles preferred (e.g., Editorship, Committee Chair, lead on a major undertaking)
  • An ability to mentor academic researchers around issues of leadership, career success, and outreach

Time Commitment (excluding travel)

  • Weekly (routine tasks, emails, and voting): 6–8 hours
  • Monthly (CBC work and BOD virtual conferencing): 4–16 hours
  • Quarterly (meeting prep and attendance): 3–5 days

ASHA Corporate Partners