ASHA–PAHO Collaboration Publications and Presentations


The ASHA Leader Articles


Poster Presentations

  • Martinez, S., Roman, R., Rosa-Lugo,L., Waterston, L., & Weddington, G. (November 2016). Collaboration Between ASHA & PAHO/WHO. Poster showcased at the ASHA Convention International Lounge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Martinez, S. & Waterston, L. (May 2015). Education Development in Latin America through ASHA–PAHO Collaboration. Poster presented at the 9th European CPLOL Congress, Florence, Italy.
  • Marinez, S., Rosa-Lugo, L., Waterston, L., & Weddington,G. (October 2015). American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)/Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Collaboration: Addressing Country Priorities in Capacity Building in Central and South America. Poster presented at the Coalition for Global Hearing Health Conference, Washington, DC.

Resources in Spanish

The ad hoc committee on El Salvador compiled a comprehensive educational resource package in Spanish [PDF] as a sustainable tool for training personnel in rehabilitation.

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