Forum on Strategizing Solutions to Personnel Shortages in Speech-Language Pathology

Welcome to the Forum on Strategizing Solutions to SLP Personnel Shortages Web page. The purpose of the event was to assemble stakeholders from across the country to brainstorm ideas for partnering and taking actions to address personnel shortages in speech-language pathology across all regions of the country. This was funded through the Personnel Issues Focused Initiative.

September 28-30, 2006, a diverse group of representatives from university academic programs, school districts, state education agencies, health care facilities, government agencies, recruitment agencies, and other employers assembled to brainstorm and discuss implementation of innovative solutions that address this important issue.

The format of the forum included presentations of successful models/partnerships, small group discussions to facilitate partnerships and generate additional solutions and implementation strategies. This is one of the most critical issues facing the profession of speech-language pathology and we are excited about the diverse cadre of individuals that will assemble to strategize solutions. Thank you for taking time to peruse the speaker handouts, data shared and recommendations from the participants. The recommendations were not based on group consensus rather structured brainstorming.

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