Website Accessibility

The ASHA website is built to provide access for a widening variety of new technologies and browsers, including assistive technologies for the web.

We strive to make the site to comply as fully as possible with web standards outlined by the World Wide Web Consortium. Our site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for screen and print layouts. Our use of a CSS-driven layout and formatting should make this site accessible to most modern web browsers and specialized browsing environments used by the visually or physically impaired. By removing most font, color, and margin rules from the markup, and listing our style rules in CSS files that are cached (saved locally) when a visitor arrives at our site, our pages should appear more quickly and consistently on browsing devices, and future design changes can be applied to our site's pages quickly.

We have taken the initiative to caption all of the videos we post to our YouTube channel.  ASHA creates the caption files and YouTube provides them to viewers through its own delivery system. More information on viewing videos with captions is available from YouTube.

We recognize that even though we've done our best to ensure our site renders as consistently as possible, imperfections and errors are bound to appear. If you have any issues in terms of access to our content, please contact us at or through our feedback form.