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Clinical Practice Research Institute (CPRI) Application Instructions

The 2021 CPRI has no set date of participation. ASHA staff will contact those selected to determine how best to provide the planning support.

To apply, access the online application system during the application period. Complete the online form, upload the following materials as PDF documents, and submit the entire application package by 11:59 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, June 1.

If applying as co-PIs, apply jointly by submitting all materials in one application. Designate one PI who will complete a single submission. The submission will require a personal narrative, curriculum vitae, and grant submission history for each PI.

  1. Draft of your Grant Proposal (limit 6 pages, 12-point font, 1-inch margins)
    The draft of the grant proposal must include the following two sections:
    • Background and Significance
      • Provide an overview of the area of investigation that includes
        • a summary of prior work in the area,
        • the state of the science,
        • a rationale for why the approach being proposed is appropriate, and
        • the preferred next step to address the specific clinical question that motivated the proposal.
      • Explicitly describe the relevance of the proposed investigation to its theoretical foundations and potential theoretical implications.
      • Convey why the proposed area of study and the specific questions that would be addressed are important topics to investigate.
      • Address challenges, opportunities, and the potential impact of the research.
      • Specific aims are not required for this application process but can be included in this section if the applicant wishes to include them.
    • Approach. Provide at least an outline that includes the
      • experimental design,
      • targeted participants, and
      • hypothesized results
  1. Personal Narrative (limit 2 pages, 12-point font, 1-inch margins)
    If applying as a co-PIs, the submission requires a personal narrative from each PI.
    • Delineate the applicant's long-term career and research goals.
    • Describe how the proposed project would contribute to the applicant's long-term program of research.
    • Describe prior research and/or educational efforts intended to enhance the applicant's readiness to conduct the proposed project.  
  1. Curriculum Vitae

    The following information will be requested in the online application form:

    • Mentor, publication, and grant history. If applying as co-PIs, the submission requires this information for each PI.
    • Key grant personnel, if already identified
    • Consultant needs
    • Grant planning meeting details

    For additional information, or questions, please contact ASHA's Academic Affairs & Research Education team at

    ASHA Corporate Partners