What should I do if I think that my child may have a speech, language, or hearing problem?

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Are you worried about how your child is listening or talking? Help is available.

Worried about your child's hearing? Contact an ASHA-certified audiologist.

Audiologists can test your child's hearing. They test children of all ages, even babies. They can suggest ways to make your child’s hearing better.

Worried about your child’s speech and language? Contact an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist, or SLP.

SLPs help people who have problems with speech, language, and thinking skills. SLPs also work with people who have trouble feeding and swallowing. They can test and suggest ways to help your child.

You can find SLPs and audiologists in:

  • clinics
  • colleges and universities
  • home health
  • hospitals
  • industry
  • nursing care facilities
  • private practices
  • public and private schools
  • rehabilitation centers
  • state and federal government agencies
  • state and local health departments

To find an SLP or audiologist, visit ProFind.

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