Other Hearing Assistive Technology Systems Solutions

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There are many other HATS available, such as:

  • Telephone amplifying devices for cordless, cell, digital, and wired phones
  • Amplified answering machines
  • Amplified telephones with different frequency responses
  • Loud doorbells
  • Computers
  • Wake-up alarms (loud bell or vibrating clock)

To learn more about HATS and how they can help you, you should contact a certified audiologist.

Are there communication devices besides those that assist listening?

Yes, there are visual systems that can be used alone or in combination with listening devices and hearing aids. Persons who are hard of hearing or deaf, or even persons who have no hearing loss, can benefit. There are also alerting devices that signal you when sounds such as the following occur:

  • Doorbell or knock at the door
  • Telephone
  • Fire alarm or smoke alarm
  • Baby crying
  • Alarm clock

Many of these solutions use strobe light or conventional light to alert you. Others use vibrating systems to alert you.

Examples of visual systems include the following:

Text telephones, which allow phone conversations to be typed and read rather than spoken and heard

Computerized speech recognition, which allows a computer to change a spoken message into a readable text document

Closed-captioned TV, which allows text display of spoken dialogue and sounds. All TVs now sold with screens of at least 13 inches must have built-in captioning.

Note taking, which allows a hard of hearing person to concentrate on listening and watching a speaker while a trained person takes notes. This has been used in schools not only for students who are deaf or hard of hearing but also for students who are unable to write.

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