Tips for Creating a Good Listening Environment in the Classroom

Is your classroom too noisy? Here are some simple ways to make the room quieter:

  • Place some rugs or carpet in the room.
  • Hang curtains or blinds in the windows.
  • Hang soft materials such as felt or corkboard on the walls.
  • Place tables at an angle around the room instead of in rows. This helps keep sounds from bouncing around the room.
  • Hang soft materials such as flags or student artwork around the room and from the ceiling.
  • Turn off noisy equipment when it is not in use.
  • Try to keep windows and doors closed when possible.
  • Replace noisy light fixtures.
  • Avoid open classrooms where many classes are taught in a large space.
  • Talk to the students about noise. Show them how hard it can be to hear when many children talk at the same time.
  • Avoid dividing the class into groups where each group listens to something different. Try not to have one group listen to the teacher while another group listens to music or the computer.
  • Remind visitors that they should not talk at the same time as the teacher.
  • Place soft tips on the bottoms of chairs and tables. Use tips that do not have latex in them since some children may be allergic. Do not use tennis balls to dampen the sound! Tennis balls are made of latex, and mold can grow inside of them. A brochure on The Noisy Classroom is available through the ASHA bookstore.

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