Volunteer Opportunity: Patient Safety in Health Care

April 29, 2024

Type of Opportunity: Virtual

Sign-Up Expiration Date: 5/10/2024

Interest Area: SLP and Audiology Practices

Contact Person (Email): Monica Sampson (msampson@asha.org)

Time Commitment: 1 year

Travel: Travel is not required

Description of Opportunity: ASHA is looking for certified members who are interested in collaborating to develop resources for addressing patient safety and quality improvement in acute care and long-term acute care hospitals. To indicate your interest, please email Monica Sampson (msampson@asha.org) with your current resume and a brief description of your engagement in hospital wide patient safety and/or quality improvement initiatives.

Experience Required: 3-5 years in health care services (pediatric or adult) in hospital; some experience in patient safety and/or quality improvement.

Task Deadline: 6/30/2025

Level of Effort: Moderate

Number of Volunteers Needed: 10

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