Volunteer Opportunity: Communication Access in Health Care Advisory Group

May 13, 2024

Type of Opportunity: Virtual

Sign-Up Expiration Date: 6/6/2024

Interest Area: SLP and Audiology Practices

Contact Person (Email): Adena Dacy (adacy@asha.org)

Time Commitment: 1 year

Travel: Travel is not required

Description of Opportunity: ASHA is launching a health-focused Communication Access initiative to promote equitable access to quality care for people with communication disorders and differences. One of the aims of this initiative is to offer education, training and resources to health professionals and consumers so they are more intentional in thinking about effective communication access prior to and during their interactions.

ASHA recognizes there are other stakeholders working in this space with similar goals. We are looking for audiologists, SLPs, disability and heath focused advocates, and consumers with lived experience who are interested in collaborating with us to share existing resources and discuss plans for broader dissemination of this information so we can work together to reduce the health and health care disparities that exist for people with communication disabilities.

To indicate your interest, please email Adena Dacy (adacy@asha.org) with a brief description of your engagement in health care or public health focused communication access initiatives for people with speech, language, voice, hearing and/or cognitive difficulties.

Experience Required: Current engagement in initiatives or research to improve effective communication access in health care or public health systems for people with communication disabilities and/or having lived experience as a person with a communication disability trying to access health information and services with required accommodations.

Task Deadline: 7/31/2025

Level of Effort: Moderate

Number of Volunteers Needed: 10-15

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