Volunteer Opportunity: Audiology and SLP PRAXIS National Advisory Committees

July 17, 2023

Type of Opportunity: Combination

Sign-Up Expiration Date: 12/31/2029

Interest Area: Certification

Contact Person (Email):​ Todd Philbrick - tphilbrick@asha.org

Time Commitment: 3 years or more

Travel: Travel is required

Description of Opportunity:​ ASHA and the Educational Testing Services are always in need of volunteers to serve on the AUD and SLP PRAXIS National Advisory Committees (NAC). The NACs are tasked with revising and finalizing questions, test forms, etc. for the PRAXIS exams. The SLP NAC meets in-person in June and AUD NAC meets in September/October annually at ETS' campus in Princeton, NJ. Both committees work virtually as needed during the year.

Experience Required: ASHA certification and at least 5 years of work experience. It is preferred but not required that volunteers have experience with students, CFs, Audiology Externs, and/or new practitioners.

Task Deadline: 12/31/2029

Level of Effort: Moderate

Number of Volunteers Needed: 2 for each profession annually.

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