Volunteer Opportunity: Audiology and SLP PRAXIS Exam Item Writers

July 17, 2023

Type of Opportunity: Virtual

Sign-Up Expiration Date: 12/31/2029

Interest Area: Certification

Contact Person (Email):​ Todd Philbrick - tphilbrick@asha.org

Time Commitment: 3 years or more

Travel: Travel is not required

Description of Opportunity:​ ASHA and the Educational Testing Services are always in need of certified audiologists and SLPs to write/revise questions for the Audiology and SLP PRAXIS exams.

Experience Required: ASHA certified and at least 3 years of work experience. It is also preferred but not required that item writers have experience with students, CFs, audiology externs, and/or new practitioners.

Task Deadline: 12/31/2029

Level of Effort: Moderate

Number of Volunteers Needed: 5 Audiologists and 5 SLPs

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