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ASHA's Social Networks—Get Connected!

Online social networks offer opportunities to connect with your colleagues and stay on top of the latest news from ASHA.

Whether you're interested in meeting other professionals who share your interests, collaborating on a specific professional issue, sharing photos or links, or just want to be among the first to know what's new at ASHA, online social networks provide some great ways to connect. And best of all, ASHA's social networks are free!

What is social networking?

People turn to online social networks to discover new information, develop and maintain relationships, and share content they create. When you join a social network, you will create a profile with a photo, your professional details, and any other personal information you choose to share. Then, how you use the social network is up to you. Some people use online social networks exclusively to connect with other CSD professionals, others prefer to connect only with friends and family, and some use social networks for a mix of personal and professional needs. Like The ASHA Leader or an e-mail newsletter, ASHA's social networks can provide you with the latest information, but they also offer the chance to interact with and learn from other professionals near and far.

Find out about some ways to connect with your colleagues online:

ASHA Community. This members-only platform is a place to share information, ask for help, discuss problems and lessons learned, and simply enjoy talking with colleagues. Complete your profile or import your information from LinkedIn, customize your privacy settings and the updates you receive, and find other ASHA members through the online member directory. Find out how to get involved.

Facebook. Create a personal profile to connect with friends, colleagues, and former classmates. Become a fan of ASHA's page for photos, videos, interesting news articles, and promotions in the ASHA online store. Read about how to set up your Facebook profile.

Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where organizations and individuals interact and share updates and links in 140 characters or less. Follow ASHA for updates from conferences, links to The ASHA Leader, member news, and more. Other CSD professionals organize their conversations on Twitter using the hashtags #slpeeps and #audpeeps. Learn more about how to get the most out of Twitter.

Pinterest. On Pinterest, users collect and organize images from around the Web to share with followers or bookmark for later. CSD professionals use Pinterest to save therapy tips, classroom ideas, creative activities, and funny or inspirational images. Follow ASHA for pins from ASHAsphere, infographics, mobile apps, and continuing education opportunities. Find out how to get started.

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally. ASHA has a company page where you can find news and research related to the CSD professions. Learn how to create an effective LinkedIn profile.

Instagram. ASHA's Instagram account displays the people, events, and actions that are part of its National Office and its membership. To get a behind-the-scene look at what makes ASHA run, be sure to follow our Instagram feed. Find out how to sign up.

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