ASHA and AARP Collaborate on National Poll of AARP Members' Hearing Health

Pam Mason and Nicole Duritz

On December 1, 2011, Pam Mason, ASHA's Director of Audiology Professional Practices, and Nicole Duritz, AARP's Vice President of Education took part in a nationwide media tour about new collaborative polling the organizations did about AARP members' hearing health.

This poll is a joint initiative of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and AARP to highlight issues related to hearing among older Americans. The poll outlines the 'state of hearing' among the 50+ generation.

Crux Research Poll - AARP/ASHA National Poll on Hearing Health

Results Summary

This report is a summary of the overall findings of the poll [PDF], which outlines attitudes towards hearing health, needs and unmet needs that the 50+ population has for hearing health, and knowledge of where to go for help as well as enablers and barriers to getting this help.

Results Summary: Minorities

This is a supplemental report which contains findings specific to minorities [PDF].

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