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Checklist for Reporting

Guidance for using: 

Guidance for Reporting with the Excel template

  • Have you read the instructions for reporting with Excel? 
  • Are you using the Excel template [XLS] to record your participants? 
  • Did you include the ASHA CEU amount in column L? This number is required for submission. 
  • If the participant does not have an ASHA account number (ASHA ID), the CE Registry will use participant’s contact information in columns B through K to either locate an existing account or create one.   

Guidance for Reporting via .csv file reporting

  • Has my organization been approved to report electronically
  • Were the load and reference files created in accordance with the ASHA-specified format [PDF], and were the files properly named? 
  • Do not open the .csv files created by your database prior to submitting electronically. When you open the file, all the leading zeroes disappear, and ASHA CE cannot process the reporting. If you need to preview the file, please open it in Notepad. 
  • Did you upload the correct reference file? Each electronic reporting item (load file) must be submitted with a corresponding reference file. ASHA CE uses the reference file to resolve problems locating or updating participant accounts. 

Guidance for Paper Form Reporting

Filling out the Course Offering Report Form

Filling out the ASHA CEU Participant Form 

Mailing paper forms

  • Did the forms print clearly, and are they easily read? When the forms are faded or of poor print quality, it is difficult for the scanner to read and interpret information. 
  • Are you using paper that is standard size and quality? Do not use silk paper because the scanner does not process this type of paper correctly. 
  • Have you used colored pieces of papers to separate the different course offerings instead of stapling or clipping? 

Faxing paper forms

  • Have you followed the instructions for faxing the reporting information? 
  • Did you include a correctly filled out fax cover sheet [DOC]? 
  • Have you seen the correctly filled out fax cover sheet [PDF]? 
  • Are you transmitting more than 150 pages of forms? Please double-check the specifications on your machine because typical commercial fax machines hold only 150 pages in their memory. 
  • Is your fax machine clean? Dirty machines will place a black line across the forms. 
  • Are the forms being faxed upside-down? Please make sure that the forms are faxed in the correct direction. 

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