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Guidance for Correct Use of Terms

The guidelines below are for ASHA Approved CE Providers who offer courses for ASHA CEUs in order to help them follow Requirement 3, which is about transparency in course planning, delivery, and marketing. 

  • ASHA Approved CE Providers do not award ASHA CEUs. To earn ASHA CEUs, an individual must be qualified to earn them and must have paid the annual ASHA CE Registry fee for the year in which they completed the course. ASHA CEUs are awarded through the ASHA CE Registry.
  • Do not say or imply that ASHA CEUs are free. Courses might be free but ASHA CEUs are not free. 
  • Do not use generic terms when talking about credit or continuing education units. Designate the type of credit for example: ASHA CEUs, IACET CEUs, LSLS CEUs, AAA CEUs, ASHA Professional Development Hours (PDHs).
  • Do not use the term "CEUs" or "ASHA CEUs" when you mean "course." "CEU" means Continuing Education Unit (a form of credit).

    Wording Examples

    Direct questions about correct use of terms in materials, advertising, or elsewhere to the ASHA Continuing Education team at

    Using the Word "Free"
    Incorrect Usage
    • ASHA CEUs are free
    • Free CEUs
    • Free ASHA CEUs
    • ASHA CEUS for free
    • Free CEU Courses
    Correct Usage (more transparent)
    • Courses can be free
    • Free course
    • Free CE course
    • Free courses for ASHA CEUs
    • Free CE Provider CE Courses
    Types of CEUs Offered
    Incorrect Usage
    • Not designating the type of CEUs offered
    • Earn CEUs
    • 2.0 CEUs
    • You can earn CEUs online
    • Earn CEUs on Your Schedule
    • Need CEUs?
    Correct Usage (more transparent)
    • Designate the type of CEUs offered
    • Earn ASHA CEUs
    • 2.0 ASHA CEUs
    • Take online courses for ASHA CEUs
    • Earn ASHA CEUs on your schedule
    • Need ASHA CEUs?
    Using the Word "Course"
    Incorrect Usage
    • Don't use "CEU" or "hours" when you mean "course"
    • Find CEUs for Just $5
    • Now Your CEUs can travel with you
    • Unlimited CEU Access
    • Unlimited Hours
    Correct Usage (more transparent)
    • Use "ASHA CEUs," "Professional Development Hours" and "course"
    • Find $5 CE courses
    • Now your CE course can travel with you
    • Unlimited Access to CE Courses for ASHA CEUs
    • Unlimited Access to CE Courses
    Use of Language
    Incorrect Usage
    • Avoid confusing language
    • Unlimited ASHA CEUs
    • Get some new tools with CEU courses
    • Supervision CEUs
    • Ethics CEUs
    Correct Usage (more transparent)
    • Strive for transparent language
    • Unlimited Access to Courses Offered for ASHA CEUs
    • Get some new tools - take courses offered for ASHA CEUs
    • Supervision course for ASHA CEUs
    • Earn ASHA CEUs for ethics courses

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