Picky Eating or Feeding Disorder? Sorting Out Problematic Eating Behaviors in Toddlers

Many parents would agree that their child is a picky eater. But the term “picky eating” as it is popularly used can describe a wide range of behaviors—some simply frustrating for parents and some much more serious. What’s more, what one parent or family might consider picky to the point of problematic might not bother another parent or family. This all makes it hard to decipher everyday picky eating from an actual feeding disorder that requires treatment. Parents and caregivers can listen to these segments to learn more.

The Toddler Years: New Frontiers in Eating

Signs of Trouble

Additional Factors to Consider

How Speech-Language Pathologists Help

A searchable database of certified speech-language pathologists is available at www.asha.org/profind. Look for a professional who has experience in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders. Treatment by a certified speech-language pathologist can improve a variety of problematic feeding behaviors and problems, setting a child on a path to good nutrition, health, and more.

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