Words Are Important

by Steve Ritch

Associates Insights - 275Words are important. Words are one of the essential tools individuals use to communicate. As people involved in the field of communication sciences and disorders, we all know how important words can be to an individual.

The "right" words can mean the difference between being misunderstood or being clear in your communications. Well-timed words mean the difference between being hopeful and supportive or judgmental and condescending.

Think about your own experiences in your work life. Do the clients or patients with whom you and your supervisor work respond better to words of encouragement, or do they respond better to criticism? How about you? Do you handle praise or disapproval better in your own life?

Words can harm, or words can heal. Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese alternative healer and researcher who has become famous for his experiments with water molecules and the effect that positive thoughts (words) have on bottled water. Read the following summary of his experiments:

Most people first heard of Dr. Emoto in 2004 when the hit movie What The Bleep Do We Know? was released. In the documentary-style film, Dr. Emoto's findings on the energy of thoughts are demonstrated.

His central premise put forward is that human beings can affect the shape and molecular structure of water just through conscious intention. He demonstrates this in two ways: first by showing images of water molecules from the Fujiwara Dam, before and after they have been blessed by a Zen Buddhist monk. He then shows the impact of labeling bottles of distilled water with thoughts. Some bottles feature positive thoughts, while others feature negative ones. He then freezes contents from each bottle and photographs them at sub zero temperatures using a high powered microscopic camera.

The resulting shape, color and structure of the water crystals shows [sic] marked variation. Water from bottles that were labeled with positive messages have [sic] intricate structures and shiny, diamond-like reflective qualities. Those that were labeled with negative thoughts have deformed, collapsed structures with black holes and yellow tinged edges. [Dr. Masaru Emoto: The Power Of Thoughts]

Dr. Emoto's experiments are simple in nature, but rather astounding when one considers the outcomes. He has gone on to write several books about his experiments, including one entitled The Hidden Messages in Water. In this book, Dr. Emoto reminds the reader that the human body is roughly 60% water. He asks us to consider that, if these thoughts had such an impact on bottles of distilled water how words might possibly impact us as humans, who are mostly composed of water.

Now, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding Dr. Emoto's experiments and his research methodology. However, the results that he has achieved have not been invalidated. And in the interest of full disclosure, I am neither a proponent of his work nor a skeptic. I merely introduce this story to make a point: words matter.

What do your words say about you? How do your words promote health and wholeness? How do your words encourage and give positive reinforcement to others? Do you say kind things? What affirmative thoughts do you say to yourself?

Words are important.

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