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Model Bill: Loan Forgiveness/Tuition Reimbursement Models For Providing SLP Services In State Public Schools


The following models are examples of the different types of loan forgiveness or tuition reimbursement that may be used by states to recruit qualified individuals to provide speech-language pathology services in the state public schools. Each of these examples is based upon an existing state model. You may wish to refer to the full text of the state examples for additional detail about these programs. Please note that statutes may vary considerably from state to state in the format and detail required. These models may need to be modified significantly to meet individual state practices.


This model is targeted at encouraging current teachers to obtain additional education/coursework in speech-language pathology and is based upon the Iowa Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program and the Washington Future Teachers Conditional Scholarship and Loan Repayment Program.

  • Individuals who currently teach in state public schools and wish to pursue graduate studies in speech-language pathology at a state university shall be eligible for forgivable loans provided they agree to teach/provide speech-language pathology services in a state school upon graduation. Individuals may receive $[X] per academic year and up to $[X] total. For 100% forgiveness of the loan amount, an individual must also agree to teach in state for at least X years in speech-language pathology and must maintain a 3.0 G.P.A. in all graduate coursework. Alternately, X% of the loan amount shall be forgiven for each year of service. Students pursuing graduate study/earning graduate credit from an in-state institution will receive priority.


This model is targeted at students interested in pursuing or those who are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program in speech-language pathology at an in-state university to encourage them to work in state public schools upon graduation and is based on the Educators for Maine Program.

  • State university graduate students pursuing careers in speech-language pathology are eligible for $[X] per year for their studies. These are renewable loans forgiven by providing speech-language pathology services in state public schools upon graduation. Students must provide one year of teaching for each year funds were accepted. Students must maintain a 3.0 G.P.A. in all graduate coursework.


This model is directed at individual school speech-language pathology practitioners who agree to serve for a specific amount of time in that capacity in a state public school. This model is based upon the Indiana Teacher Loan Forgiveness Fund [PDF].

  • Educational loan forgiveness shall be granted to state public elementary and high school teachers who teach for a minimum of X years as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist. The maximum amount of loan forgiveness per individual shall be $[X].


The following model can be used as both a retention tool to keep currently certified speech-language pathologists in the public school system or to recruit individuals who currently have the qualifications necessary to become certified to provide speech-language pathology services in the state public schools. This model is based upon the Florida Critical Teacher Shortage Student Loan Forgiveness Program.

  • Funds shall be provided to repay graduate educational loans to individuals who possess a Department of Education credential in speech-language pathology or a license issued by the State Board of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology or can currently meet either of those requirements. Repayment must be the amount the individual has acquired as a result of graduate training directly related to providing speech-language pathology services in state schools. A total annual award may not exceed $[X] and shall be awarded in return for one year of service. Applicants may receive up to a maximum of $[X] for the duration of the program.

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