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RPM for Autism Not Supported by Science
In a Letter to the Editor response to an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal, ASHA President Elise Davis-McFarland addresses a number of key points about ASHA’s position statement on Rapid Prompting Method. She stresses that ASHA encourages the use of augmentative and alternative communication devices that foster independence.

Want To Keep Your Brain Sharp? Take Care Of Your Eyes And Ears
Article discusses the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive decline, as well as the impact of hearing aid use on cognitive functioning.

Featured Video: Identify the Signs of Communication Disorders

New public service announcement from ASHA encourages parents to learn the signs of communication disorders and seek help if they have concerns. This is an activity of ASHA’s Identify the Signs campaign.

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CCCs campaign

ASHA's Value of the CCCs campaign explains the importance of choosing an audiologist or speech-language pathologist who holds ASHA's Certificate of Clinical Competence. Learn what it takes to earn this professional credential and why it matters. 

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Communicating With Baby

Communicating With Baby: Tips and Milestones From Birth to Age Five
This free digital toolkit for parents, ASHA members, healthcare providers, educators, and others details communication skills that parents should expect to see in their child by age and tips for how to support children’s development through daily reading. The toolkit is a joint effort of ASHA and Read Aloud 15 MINUTES. Available in both English and Spanish.

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