Association Governance Operations Team (AGOT)

The AGOT staff facilitate the work of the Board of Directors and the Association's governance committees.

Andrea Falzarano
Director, Association Governance Operations

Facilitates the maintenance of all aspects of the Association's governance processes and structure including the facilitation of multiple governance priorities and directing work related to the day-to-day management of staff and operations for the Association's Board of Directors and governance and discipline-related committees.

Martha (Marty) Moore
Board of Directors Manager

Supports the ASHA President, the members of the Board of Directors, and assigned governance committees to ensure an effective and efficient flow of work, and manages the administrative logistics of the Association's awards program.

Haley Jones
Volunteer Operations Manager

Manages the volunteer leadership program for ASHA's elected and appointed volunteers. Manages leadership cultivation, orienting, training, retaining, recognizing and rewarding ASHA's elected and appointed volunteers. Manages ASHA's nominations and elections processes, and provides support for the Leadership Development Program.

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