The Edwin and Esther Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecture

The Edwin and Esther Prentke Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Distinguished Lecture was initiated in 1997 to honor the life and work of the late Edwin and Esther Prentke. The Prentkes dedicated their lives to developing technologies that liberate the lives of people with disabilities. This lecture is an invited presentation that recognizes and is delivered by an accomplished person who uses AAC. It has been a highly anticipated event of the annual ASHA Convention. Previous lectures have highlighted the extraordinary abilities of the presenters, both as accomplished individuals in their own fields and as people who use AAC. Over the years, the lectures have been insightful and profound in their content and the question-and-answer session has been personal and enlightening to many. The Lecture itself has garnered a reputation as an inspirational and informational session at the Convention.

Since its inception, the Lecture has been sponsored by Prentke Romich Company, a manufacturer of AAC devices, and Semantic Compaction Systems, the developer of Minspeak™. ASHA Special Interest Group (SIG) 12, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, coordinates the lecture each year as a member of the Annual Convention Program Committee. The annual lecture series will be discontinued after 2019.  


The nomination period is closed and the presenter for the 2019 lecture has been selected. Additional information, including the session description, will be available in August 2019.

Please send any questions to and specify "AAC Lecture" in the subject line; you will receive a response within two business days.

Past Recipients

  • 2018: Todd Hutchinson
  • 2017: Yoosun Chung
  • 2016: Martin Pistorius
  • 2015: Kristin Rytter
  • 2014: Noah Trembly
  • 2013: Christopher Klein
  • 2012: Jennifer Lowe
  • 2011: Robert Segalman
  • 2010: India Ochs
  • 2009: Bac Shelton
  • 2008: Rick Keeton
  • 2007: Robert O'Gurek
  • 2006: Tracy Rackensperger
  • 2005: Michael Williams
  • 2004: Rich Creech
  • 2003: Jon Feucht
  • 2002: Solomon Rakhaman
  • 2001: Paul Pecunas
  • 2000: Bob Williams
  • 1999: Faye Warren
  • 1998: Ronnie Meeker
  • 1997: Gus Estrella

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