2017 PROmoting the next GENeration of Researchers (PROGENY) Participants

The purpose of PROGENY is to encourage the development of young scientists in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) and to highlight undergraduate research efforts. PROGENY pairs faculty researchers with undergraduate students who are eligible authors on poster presentations at the annual ASHA Convention. PROGENY highlights and supports the work of these undergraduates by providing them with an opportunity to talk with experienced scientists about their research, and about pursuing an academic-research career.

"A Novel Rodent Model that Mimics Dysphagia in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis"
Erika Murphy

"A Preliminary Examination of the Effects of Egocentrism on Vocabulary Learning"
Patrick Elliott

"A Survey of E-book & Print Book Use by Speech-Language Pathologists"
Shelby Stultz

"A Synthesis of Culturally-Fair, Reading Instructional Practices for Working with AAE Child Speakers"
Sara Gray

"Acoustic Correlates of Lexical Stress Produced by Mandarin & Cantonese Non-Native Speakers of English"
Sara Zhong

"Aerobic Exercise as an Adjuvant to Speech-Language Therapy: A Literature Review"
Chelsea Woodard

"Art as an Indicator of Non-Cognitive Persistence in Individuals Experiencing Dementia"
Rachel Dawson

"Assessing Mindfulness Among Undergraduate & Graduate Speech Language Pathology Students & its Clinical Implications"
Hannah E.  Stangl, Sandra Guevara, Claire Crossman

"Assessing Patient & Certified Nurse Assistant Communication: Training & Current Practices"
Andrea Cox

"Changes in Cleft Speech Errors With Early Intervention in Children With CP+/-L"
Jennifer Philp, Ariel Vovakes

"Coarticulation as Measured by Formant Transitions in Childhood Apraxia of Speech"
Keziah St. Louis

"Comparing Complex Syntax Across Popular Children’s Television Shows"
Madison Burnett

"Comparing Hemoglobin Concentration Changes in Typically-Fluent-Speakers & Persons-Who-Stutter When Using Stretched Vowels"
D'manda Price, Cara Imbalzano

"Comparing Lexical Diversity in a Set of Multiples & a Singleton Sibling: A Case Study"
Mia Eberts, Alyssa Hulthen, Tamara Dujmovic

"Confidence in Cultural Competence Among SLPs & SLP Students"
Bethany Frick

"Current use of Social Media in Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Community"
Patricia Chavira

"Defining the Construct of Social Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Re-Scoping Review"
Chelsea Kunitz, Autumn Ostlund

"Dementia & Identity:  Maintaining a Sense of Self through Occupation"
Alanna Oliphant, Emma Allen

"Development of a Non-Cognitive (GRIT) Scale for Use With Infants & Toddlers"
Jane Justus

"Development of an Adapted Access Protocol for Operating an Interactive Robot"
Carrie Kulibert

"Developmental Kindergarten Classroom Intervention for Positional & Directional Words"
Maggie Eising

"Discussion Forums in an Online Course:  Optional vs Mandatory Posting Requirements"
Alyse Korpela

"Does a Second Language Change Things: Opinions of Future Teachers, SLPs & Audiologists on Bilingualism"
Rachel Bosley, Bethany Heintz

"Does Perceptual Training Enhance Treatment for /r/ Misarticulation?"
Laine Cialdella

"Effectiveness of Project ECHO Case Recommendations"
Clarissa Petres

"Examination of the M-CHAT-R Vietnamese"
Jamie Bui

"Exploring Relationships Between Vocabulary and Reading Behavior & Among Spanish-English Bilinguals"
Jennifer Day

"Exploring Variability in Productive Syntax Within a Set of Triplets"
Alyssa Hulthen, Mia Eberts, Tamara Dujmovic

"Exploring Vocational Stereotyping of People Who Stutter:  Human Resources Students’ Reports"
Tala Abou-Dahech

"Family Dynamics & Auditory Verbal Therapy"
Casey Baldwin

"Impact of Community Exercise on Communication & Quality of Life for People With Aphasia"
Alice Gullekson, Callyn Haupert, Brandon Luedke, Adam Peronto, Samantha Wegener, Bailey Harder

"Inclusion of Communicative Competence and Generalization in SLP Intervention Plans for Individuals Who Use AAC"
Laura Raichel

"Investigation of Pause Durations Present in Cochlear Implant Users Speech"
Kristy Burchell

"Language Input patterns in Bilingual Children With Language Impairments"
Angela Brickman, Annaliese Miller

"Language Proficiency Effects on NWR Tasks in Bilingual Children"
Itzel  Villagomez Lopez

"Maturation of the Speed of Auditory Processing for Frequency Discrimination in Children"
Michelle Hernandez, Sarah McEachern

"Narrative Discourse Performance in Elderly Individuals after a Cognitive Injury"
Natalie Foulks

"Parental Satisfaction with Health Professional Information  Regarding Feeding Methods for Infants with Cleft Lip/Palate"
Christina Beck

"Perception of Acoustic-Phonetic Word Boundary Cues by Monolingual English and Malayalam-English Bilingual Speakers"
Maura Collins, Marcy Mathew

"Phonetic & Lexical Context Effects in Speech Perception in Noise for Children"
Katherine Goble, Hannah Beach, Emily Baert

"Relationships Between Working Memory & Executive Function (Specifically Inhibition) Among Spanish-English Bilingual College Students"
Jennifer Huffman

"Social-Emotional Learning in Users of Augmentative & Alternative Communication"
Katherine Branum

"Sociocultural Influences on Literacy Behavior in CLD Populations: Considering the New Literacy Studies View"
Coral Jimenez

"Targeting Verbs in a Preschool Language Intervention:  A Case Study"
Emily Urgiles

"Telepractice for Assessment & Intervention of Pediatric Speech Sound Disorders: A Narrative Review"
Meagan Jurica

"The Effect of Taste on Lingual Swallowing Pressure"  
Victoria Sandefur

"The Effects of Culture on Clinician-Child Play-Based Interactions"  
Yer Lor

"The Evaluation of Phonological Awareness in Children Speaking African American English"  
Krystal Briggs

"The Influence of Instructional Interns on Faculty Mentors & Student Learning & Engagement"  
Kelsey Weberg, Ashley Crumb

"The Low Mandible Maneuver: Effects on Aerodynamic & Acoustic Measures"  
Eve Mercer

"The Maternal Language of Infant Feeding & Play"  
Julie Peters

"The Psychosocial Effects of Aphasia on The Caregiver"  
Lauren Ferrara

"The Relationship Between Swallowing Screening Results & Measures of Sarcopenia"  
Mehak Noorani

"The Relationship Between Vowel Goodness Scores & Functional Load for the Phonetic Inventory of SAE"  
Sarah Chu

"The Self-Perception of Executive Functioning Skills for Children with ASD"  
Lauren Phillips

"The Self-Perception of Social Skills for Children with ASD"  
Megan Mikkelsen

"The Use of the Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation with Speakers of Nonstandard American English Dialects"  
Alicia McGuire

"Vocabulary Predictors of Early Intervention Outcomes for Children with CP+/-L"  
Ariel Vovakes, Jennifer Philp

"Vocal Danger Zone in Teaching Education Majors & Singing Majors"  
Erin Koester

"Vocalizations Elicited by Leisure Activities in a Memory Care Unit"  
Tarynn Clune

"Word Learning in Authentic Versus Explicit Conditions"  
Janie Kullmar

"Writing Fluency in Adults: A Normative Study"  
Olivia Foster, Emily Sallie, Elizabeth Thomas

This year’s PROGENY participants completed their undergraduate research at the following institutions: Arizona State University, Bowling Green State University, California State University–East Bay, California State University–Fullerton, CUNY Brooklyn College, Grand Valley State University, Hofstra University, Indiana University, Miami University, Middle Tennessee State University, Minot State University, Misericordia University, Missouri State University, New Mexico State University, New York University, Northeastern University, Portland State University, Saint Mary's College, Southern Connecticut State University, Southern Illinois University–Carbondale, Syracuse University, Texas Christian University, Texas State University, Towson University, University of Arkansas, University of Central Florida, University of Colorado, University of Kentucky, University of Minnesota–Duluth, University of Missouri–Columbia, University of Nebraska–Kearney, University of Toledo, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, University of Wyoming, University South Florida–Sarasota Manatee, Valdosta State University, Wichita State University

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