2016 PROmoting the next GENeration of Researchers (PROGENY) Participants

The purpose of PROGENY is to encourage the development of young scientists in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) and to highlight undergraduate research efforts. PROGENY pairs faculty researchers with undergraduate students who are eligible authors on poster presentations at the annual ASHA Convention. PROGENY highlights and supports the work of these undergraduates by providing them with an opportunity to talk with experienced scientists about their research, and about pursuing an academic-research career.

"A Comparison of Word Retrieval Performance Between Grammatical Class & Linguistic Contexts in Aphasia, Post-Stroke"
Gayanthi Kodituwakku

"A Literature Review of the Importance of Music Therapy for Individuals With Dementia: A Proposal"
Lisa-Marie Serrone

"A Qualitative Study of the Effects of the University of Arkansas Autism Support Program"  
Jessica Post

"AAC System for Muslims During Umrah"  
Siba Barry, Bayan Alshehri, Jumana Bathabit

"Accounting for Frequency, Age of Acquisition & Neighborhood Density When Choosing Target Words for Treatment"  
Anna Wyluda, Kristin Morehead

"Acoustics Analysis of Vowels Produced by Bilingual English & Spanish Speakers"
Kristina Vera

"An AAC Robot to Assist Children With Complex Communication Needs"  
Rahmah Alhafeez, Daniyah Alkhawaji, Nebras Banjar, Ghaida Gari

"An Analysis of American Sign Language & Deaf Studies Programs at Universities in the U.S."
Delphanie Wu

"An Articulatory Kinematic Study of Clear Speech in Talkers With ALS"
Abby Isabelle

"An Examination of Diagnostic Testing Modifications to Assess Communication Disorders in African Americans"
Brandall Bond

"An Examination of the Metalinguistic Skills of Three- to Eight-Year-Old Twins"
Amanda Kriese

"An International Survey of Short-Term & Working Memory Assessment Practices in Aphasia"
Katrina Bakas

"Assessing Toddler Communication Using the CFCS & FOCUS"
Ashley Hopkin

"Auditory Processing in Fluency Disorders: Backward Masking & the Masking Level Difference"
Kara Joyce

"Characterizing Dysphagia in Parkinson’s Disease Using a Standardized Metric"
Taylor Kreis

"Communication Barriers & Adaptations Made by Laryngectomees Using Different Modes of Alaryngeal Communication"
Samadhi Gunathilaka

"Comparing the Articulatory Kinematics & Acoustic Vowel Space Between Healthy & Apraxic Speakers"
Taylor Robbins

"Comparison of Muscle Activation in Two Rehabilitative Dysphagia Exercises Targeting Muscles Related to Hyolaryngeal Excursion"
Melissa Quick

"Confidence Levels of Future Health Professionals Communicating With People With Aphasia"
Kristen Pompey

"Copula Form & Utterance Function in Parent Input to Toddlers"
Amanda M. Spangenberg

"Development of Pediatric Sentence Recognition Materials for Audiological Testing"
Nardine Taleb

"Differences in the Early Speech Sound Development of Siblings Diagnosed With SSD or CAS"
Elizabeth Foley

"Does Sentence Predictability Influence Word Identification in School-Age Children?"
David Kessler

"Effects of Lexical Frequency & Time on Verbal Memory"
Ashley Quinto

"Errors & Movement Variability With Nonword Repetition in Children Who Stutter"
Erin Weathers

"Examining Macro & Micro Level AAE Oral Traditions in a Renown Literate Work"
Caroline Berkovich, Taylor Bird

"Experiences of CDS Students as TBI Survivors"
Bailey Denny, Kori Wilson

"Exploring Assistive Technology Use to Support Cognition in College Students With Traumatic Brain Injury"
Madeline Murphy

"Exploring the Effectiveness of Writing to Learn Strategies"
Katie Beck, Haley McKee

"Gender Differences in Early Speech Sound Development in Children With Speech Sound Disorders"
Clare Stem

"Gender Differences in the Perception of Stuttering in Saudi Arabia"
Mai Alzaidi

"Gist & Coherence During Picture Description in Persons With Mild Aphasia"
Holly Stewart, Gabriela Quevedo-Levesque

"Implementing AAC Systems in Acute Care Settings: Saudi Nurses’ Perspective"
Maram Balubaid, Mai Alzaidi

"Improving the Quality of Peer Interactions for a Preschooler With CCN Through Intervention"
Erica Bronstein, Jennifer  Stone

"Information Processing in Core Curriculum & CSD Courses"
Cassandra Vidal, Kathryn Jackson

"Longitudinal Use of Language by Activity for Toddlers With Suspected Language Delay"
Rachel DiNaso

"Maladaptive Behaviors & Communication Disorders Following TBI: Survivor, Caregiver & Speech-Language Pathologists’ Perspectives"
Marena  Jones

"Media Portrayal of Stuttering: Exploring the Relationship Between Familiarity & Attitudes Towards Stuttering"
Liz  Zweigart

"Methods Observed in a School for Children With Disabilities in Ecuador"
Julianne Fosgard

"Morpho-Syntactic Production in Parkinson's Disease & Agrammatic Aphasia"
Jennifer Fredrick

"Narrative Performance in Young Adults"
Rachel M. Crowder

"Need for Speech-Language Pathologists in Juvenile Detention Facilities in Arkansas"
Jessica Stephenson

"Needs &  Barriers in Rural Parkinson's Disease Communities: An Interprofessional Approach"
Katelynne Adams

"Noise Exposure & Temporary Threshold Shift"
Jordan Ganter, Michelle Goedeker

"Pain Location Hand Glove"
Maram Al-Ali

"Parent Beliefs About Technology: A Comparison of Homeschool & Formal Education Families"
Eli Skelton

"Perspective of Students Studying Speech & Hearing Sciences in Saudi Arabia: Positive Outlook & Challenges"
Saja Al-Sulaimani, Eman Bugshan

"Picture This: Understanding the Expressive Vocabulary Error Patterns of Children With Developmental Disabilities"
Juliana Hirn

"Pragmatics in Aphasia: An Analysis of Discourse Performances"
Iroshika Karunanayake

"Preferred Listening Levels of Personal Listening Devices: Gender Differences"
Margaret Pierce

"Production of Native & Non-Native Consonant Clusters"
Tappy Tong

"Ready for Verbs?:  An Eye-Tracking Study of Intrinsic Motion Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder"
Kathryn Solomon

"Relationships Between Cognitive Proficiencies & Neural Processes Underlying Language in Preschool-Age Children"
Katelan Saunders

"Relative Contributions of the Two Streams of Speech Making Up a Two-Talker Masker"
Kristina Bowdrie

"Social Media Utilization of the  Tinnitus Community"
Lauren Renken

"Speaking Fundamental Frequency & Pitch Sigma in Bilingual English/Hmong Women"
Pang Moua

"Speech Recognition in Competing Talker Environments: Rhythmic & Semantic Competition"
Brandi Jett

"Speech Sound Development in a Child With CAS & Receptive Language Delay: A Case Study"
Erica Risi

"Strategies Used by Speakers With Aphasia & Their Communication Partners in Enhancing Communication Success"
Pramodhi Perera

"Student Teachers: Effects of Vocal Hygiene Information on Voice Assessment Throughout Student Teaching – Pilot Study"
Sarah Pilkington

"The Effect of Flavors on Swallowing Behavior"
Hana Lee, Gisela Lopez

"The Effects of Lab Instruction on the Knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology in Undergraduate Students"
Mikeala Elliott

"The Effects of Spoken Accent on Verbal Working Memory Performance"
Faithe Snyder

"The Effects of Stress & Temperament on Pitch for Individuals Who Stutter"
Emily Rutz

"The Impact of Media Exposure on Typically Developing Children’s Language Skills"
Katherine Martini, Bridgett Riverol

"The Impact of Technology on the Everyday Lives of Individuals With Down Syndrome"
Morgan Fritz

"The Meaning & Impact of Acceptance From the Point of View of Adults Who Stutter"
Leah Connell

"The Receptive-Expressive Vocabulary Gap in Spanish-English Bilingual Children"
Sydney L. Walls

"The Relationship Between Fundamental Frequency Variation & Articulation in Healthy Speech Production"
Casey Behre

"The Role of Articulation Rate in L8NRT Nonword Repetition Performance"
Sydney L. Walls

"Using Adaptation to Reduce Cognitive Load in Foreign-Accented Media Presentations"
Sarah Luebke

"Vocal Training Mitigates the Effects of Altered Feedback: Preliminary Results"
Sarah Kent, Emily Nicholas, Anna Sarra, Abby Maurer

"Vowel Acoustics in English-Accented Spanish"
Emily Runnoe

"Who Framed Babytalk? Seven-Month-Old Infants Benefit From Maternal Repetition"
Tiara Booth

"Working Memory Deficits in Children With ADHD & SLI"
Dana Loncar

This year’s PROGENY participants completed their undergraduate research at the following institutions: Appalachian State University, Arizona State University, Bowling Green State University, Bridgewater State University, Case Western Reserve University, Dar Al-Hekma University, Duquesne University, East Carolina University, Eastern Illinois University, Eastern Kentucky University, Grand Valley State University, Hunter College, Indiana University–Bloomington, Iona College, Ithaca College, James Madison University, Louisiana State University, Marquette University, Michigan State University, New York University, New Mexico State University, Northwestern University, Oklahoma State University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, Southern Connecticut State University, Southern Illinois University–Carbondale, Texas A&M International University, Truman State University, University of Alabama, University of Arkansas, University of Central Florida, University of Florida, University of Iowa, University of Kelaniya, University of Maine, University of Maryland, University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota–Duluth, University of Minnesota–Twin-Cities, University of Missouri, University of Montana, University of New Mexico, University of Pennsylvania, University of Toledo, University of Vermont, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, University of Wisconsin–River Falls, and University of Wyoming

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