2018 PROmoting the next GENeration of Researchers (PROGENY) Participants

The purpose of PROGENY is to encourage the development of young scientists in communication sciences and disorders (CSD) and to highlight undergraduate research efforts. PROGENY pairs faculty researchers with undergraduate students who are eligible authors on poster presentations at the annual ASHA Convention. PROGENY highlights and supports the work of these undergraduates by providing them with an opportunity to talk with experienced scientists about their research, and about pursuing an academic-research career.

"A Comparative Analysis of Rhotic Tongue Shapes in Non-Native English Speakers"
Cailin Michael, Melanie Koslovic

"A Correlation Study of Receptive Vocabulary Knowledge in Children with Cochlear Implant & Hearing Peers"
Nadeesha Sewwandi

"A Longitudinal Study of Fundamental Frequency in Young Adult Women"
Erin Tippit, Allison Jarombek

"A Survey of Speech-Language Pathologists' Use and Understanding of Evidence-Based Practice"
Emma Kate Thome

"Adaptability in Preschool-Age Children Who Stutter"
Demetra Kontos

"American Baby Boomer's Sourcing of Health Information"
Ben Zook

"An Analysis of the Effects of Cultural Preaching Styles on the Voice"
Nia Darville

"Autistic Characteristics are Associated With Sensitivity to Code-Switching Pragmatics: An ERP Study"
Ann Kreidler

"Benefits of ECHO: Decreasing Isolation for Wyoming Speech-Language Pathologists"
Clarissa Petres, Catherine Kellar

"Can Auditory Emotional Intelligence be Improved with Training?"
Yared Rodriguez, Tracey Ramos, Sophia De Los Santos, Amber Palos

"Chance Performance on the American Sign Language Version of the Computerized Revised Token Test"
Xavier Holmes

"Changing Students’ Beliefs & Attitudes toward People with Dementia: Measuring the Impact of Service Learning"
Rebecca Willer

"Characteristics of Speech Breathing and Respiratory-Phonatory Coordination in Children with Neuromuscular Challenges"
Laura McCormick

"Children's Perspectives on Stuttering: A Video Project"
Maggie Westfall

"Client Perception of Preoperative Consultation before Total Laryngectomy"
Thamali Rathnayake

"Clinical Practices Related to AAC among SLTs’ in Sri Lanka"
Larissa Nonis

"Communication Skills & Social Interactions of Students with Down Syndrome: Exploring Special Education Teachers’ Perspectives"
Tara Poikey

"Comparisons of Oral Narrative and Expository Stories for Children with Language Impairment & Typical Development"
Haley Barker

"Conversational Speech Characteristics During Entrainment: A Pilot Study"
Pamela Molnar

"Deception & Theory of Mind in Typically Developing Children & Children With Autism"
Madeline Rainwater

"Does Auditory Acuity Predict Response to Visual-Acoustic Biofeedback?"
Samantha Ayala

"Early Intervention & Affect in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder"
Hannah Smilansky

"Early Speech Sound Development in Two Infants & Toddlers With Co-Morbid Conditions & CAS"
Erica Risi

"Efficacious Communication Buffers the Effect of Anxiety on Academic Stress"
BaileyAnn Anderson

"Embracing Community Engagement in Speech-Language Pathology Education: An Experience Focused on Movement, Music & Literacy"
Rebecca Bulgarelli, Lauren Moyer

"Emotion Regulation Strategy Use in Preschool-Age Children Who Stutter"
Marielle Snyder

"Encouraging the Acceptance of Differences Through Children's Literature"
Hannah Berthelson

"Evidence of Behavior Changes in Certified Nursing Assistants After Facilitative Coaching Intervention"
Amanda Troyna

"Examining Concepts of Ethical Dilemmas in Interprofessional Health Student Teams"
Carley Hill

"Examining Non-Nutritive Suck & the Battelle Developmental Inventory in a Puerto Rican Cohort"
Morgan Hines

"Examining Vocabulary Teaching Strategies in Popular Children’s Educational Television Programs"
Rebecca Wettstein, Mia Eberts, Alyssa Hulthen

"Exploring Relations Among Theory of Mind, Receptive Vocabulary & Interpersonal Reactivity in Young Adults"
Cailin Michael, Emily Nicholas

"Exposure to Artificial Intelligence in Early Childhood: Revisiting the Development of Intersubjectivity"
Ashlyn Dunham

"Eyes Test Predicts Figurative Language Comprehension for High School/College Students With & Without Autism"
Jordan Hulse, Taylor Baron

"Forced Vital Capacity in a Collegiate Female Swimmer: Implications for Treatment of PVFM"
Lauren Dunn

"Global Noise Map Contours of Educational Facility: Comparison & Implications"
Amber Palos, Yared Rodriguez, Santiago Perez, Sophia De Los Santos

"Graduate Student Clinicians’ Use of Reflection During a  Telepractice "Summer Camp" for Children With ASD"
Madeline Bryant

"How Does Phonological Neighborhood Density Influence Image Naming?"
Ala Abdeljaber

"Inside the World of Autism: The Experiences of Adults With ASD"
Victoria Sampson

"Investigating Grit in Young Children: Is Technology the New Marshmallow?"
Elizabeth Gschwend

"Investigating the Interaction Between Volume & Viscosity in Healthy Subjects During Swallowing Using Surface Electromyography"
Michaela Hesse

"Investigation of Speech Motor Learning & Feedback Frequency in Healthy Older Adults"
Deborah Hong

"Knowledge & Preparedness of Undergraduate Seniors & Graduate Students in Provision of ESL Therapy"
Alysh Oetzel

"Language Exposure & Code Mixing Frequency of Spanish-English Dual Language Learners"
Janine Peca

"Locational, Syntactic, Temporal & Phonological Properties of Atypical Disfluencies Produced by Teens/Young Adults"
Pamela Dominguez

"Longitudinal Changes in Article Production in Spanish-speaking Dual Language Learners"
Natalia Camacho

"Musical Training Improves the Perception of Acoustic Information in a Shadowing Task"
Grace Ji Yan Tsang

"Narrative Skills in School-Age Children Who are Hard of Hearing"
Kathryn  Gabel

"Neuromuscular Development in Neonates & Post-natal Infants: Implications for NMES Therapy for Dysphagia"
Hannah Epperson

"Nonword Repetition & Word Learning in Children With Specific Language Impairment"
Kerianne Schoff

"Nonword Repetition in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders"
Samantha Irace

"Off-Target Verbosity in Constrained Sentence Production in Older & Young Adults"
Meghan Kobus

"Opinions of Craniofacial Speech-Language Pathologists Regarding Speech Management for Children With Cleft Lip & Palate"
Riley Dolezal

"Ototoxic Implications of 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin for Individuals With Niemann-Pick Type C"
Lauren Bull

"Outcomes Measurement in Augmentative & Alternative Communication Device Interventions"
Julia Zezinka

"Outcomes of Using Electropalatography to Remediate Persistent Speech Sound Errors"
Kathrin Roberts

"Parent Language Input Received By Children With Autism Who Use Augmentative & Alternative Communication"
Claire Goecke

"Parkinson’s Telehealth Feasibility Study: Confessions of a Research Assistant"
Haley Hight

"Perceived Stress Levels & Anxiety of Students in Communication Disorders & Other Health Professions"
Kellan Mallory, Erin Dial

"Perceptions & Experiences of Bullying by Adolescents With Hearing Loss"
Lauren Burkhalter

"Perceptions of Men & Women Who Use Vocal Fry: A Replication"
Ashley D'Agosto

"Perceptual Correlates of Speech Naturalness for Speakers With Parkinson's Disease"
Lucia Gutierrez, Patricia Masso-Maldonado

"Persistence of Common Myths & Misconceptions Regarding Dyslexia Among Preservice Teacher Populations"
Grace Barr

"Perspectives of Caregiver-Survivor Dyads Following TBI: A Case Series"
Shayleen Brennan

"Phonological Working Memory in Older & Young Adult Populations"
Ashley Oline

"Play on Words: Assessing the Influence of Language Context on Repetitive Speech in ASD"
Cassidy VanZuiden

"Pre-Professional Teachers' Knowledge, Perceptions, & Class Management of Stuttering"
Whitney Wright, Hanna Taylor, Jillian Clemens

"Professional Perspectives: Parent Coaching Training in Communication Disorders Programs
Amy Meek

"Receptive & Expressive Skills in Hebrew-Russian-English Trilingual Preschoolers: Implications for the Assessment of Multilingual Children"
Daniella Shimoonov

"Research into Evidence-Based Practice Among Practicing Speech-Language Pathologists"
Kaitlyn Bruggenthies, Josie Zimmel

"Roles of Genre, Vocals, & Instrumentation in Perceived Music Quality With Limited Frequency Information"
Emily Miron

"Scoping Review of Communication Outcome Measures for Individuals With Angelman Syndrome"
Brooke Shea

"Screening Measures for Speech Sound Disorders: A Bit of Everything or a Lot of Something"
Elaina Eskins, Grace Portentoso

"Sex Differences in Stimulus Frequency Otoacoustic Emissions During Childhood Development"
Samantha Zambrano

"SLPs & OTs - Whose Job is it? Turf Wars When Caring for People With Dementia"
Jordan Meyer

"Spanish Article Use in Bilingual & Monolingual Spanish-speaking Children"
Ammaarah Carrington, Naomi Charles

"Speech Rate & Intelligibility of School-Age Children With Cerebral Palsy: A Longitudinal Perspective"
Meredith Braza

"Supporting Inclusion for Individuals With Dementia: SLP & Financial Professionals’ Evolving Opportunities for Interprofessional Collaboration"
Cheyenne Olson

"Teacher Knowledge & Perceptions of Bullying in School-Aged Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder"
Ashley Moates

"The Ability of Singers & Voice Professionals to Produce & Discriminate Between Common Voice Qualities"
Melanie Turner

"The Effect of a Checklist on Parent Participation in Augmentative & Alternative Communication Assessment"
Laura Bitner

"The Effect of Counseling on Reducing Stress & Anxiety for SLP Students"
Maram Almaddah

"The Effect of Narrative Intervention on Bilingual Preschool Children’s Reference Cohesion in Stories"
Cassidy Sanchez, Veronica White

"The Effects of Music Experience in Speech Sound Learning"
Jennifer Fritz

"The Evolution of Assessment: Dynamic Assessment of Language Can Identify Diverse Students With Language Impairment"
Kallie Clark, Taylor Magleby

"The Impact of Divided Attention on the Ganong Effect as a Function of Age"
Samantha Bordman

"The Impact of Service Learning Programs on Undergraduate Students Working With Persons With Dementia"
Tiniyja Burney

"The Neuroanatomy of Learning"
Camille Deville

"The Relationship Between Reading & Phonological Skill in Adults With a Range of Reading Abilities"
Laura Vacek

"The Relationship Between Verbal Fluency & Connected Language in Probable Alzheimer's Disease"
Stacy Kenney

"The Speech & Language Skills, Needs, & Services for Children Who Homeschool: A National Survey"
Shelby Hinrichs

"The Use of Otoacoustic Emissions With the Preschool, Second-Language Learner Population"
Elizabeth Gschwend, Emily Merten

"Undergraduate CSD Students Help Children With Literacy: An Engagement Project"
Mackenzie Fry, Christy Johnson, Chloie Williams, Haleigh Wallen

"Undergraduate Remedial Education: Student Perspectives & the Effects of Learning Disabilities & Language Disorders"
Nicole Flournory

"Update on Academic & Clinical Training in Craniofacial Anomalies"
Brooke Mills

"Using Drawings to Understand Jamaican Children’s Talking"
Corrine Deutenberg, Kylee Loebick

"Video Self-Modeling as an At-Home Intervention Tool for Individuals With Voice Disorders"
Katie Spreitzer

"Vocal Dose for Rhythm-Based Indoor Cycling Instructors With & Without Amplification"
Lauren Allison

"When Feeding Doesn’t Work: The Impact of Failure to Thrive on Maternal Self-Attribution"
Justine Montgomery

"Word Learning in Authentic Contexts: Books Versus Television"
Clare Benes

"Working Memory & Executive Function Effects on Constrained Sentence Production in Older & Young Adults"
Elana Brodsky, Meghan Kobus

"You See What I See? Eye-Tracking Visual Attention During Social Stories in Adolescents With ASD"
Victor Lugo

"Young Families, Young Readers: Dialogic Reading With Adolescent Mothers & Their Children"
Diana Abarca

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