CICSD Journal – Volume 41, Fall 2014

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Counseling and Mindfulness Practice With Graduate Students in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Ann R. Beck and Heidi Verticchio, Illinois State University

Advancing Graduate Education in Alaryngeal Speech Rehabilitation: Project AL
Paul G. Blanchet, Baylor University

Teaching At-Risk Toddlers New Vocabulary Using Interactive Digital Storybooks
Claire Butler, Florida State University
Jennifer A. Brown, University of Georgia
Juliann J. Woods, Florida State University

The Effect of a Modeled /r/ Articulatory Disorder on Listener Perceptions of Speech Skills and Personality Traits
Susan A. Cronin, University of New York at Fredonia
Paul G. Blanchet, Baylor University
Bruce G. Klonsky and Nicole Piazza, State University of New York at Fredonia

Examining the Benefit of Including a Sibling in Story-Based Intervention With a Child With Asperger Syndrome
Jenna Foran Lewandowski, Tiffany L. Hutchins, Patricia A. Prelock and Dianna Murray-Close, University of Vermont

Verbal Time Estimation in Cluttering
Emily O. Garnett and Kenneth O. St. Louis, West Virginia University

Acadiana-Area Speech-Language Pathology Students' Perceptions of Cajun English Speakers
Tobias A. Kroll, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Zaneta Mok, Australian Catholic University
Louise Keegan, Appalachian State University
Ioannis Papakyritsis, Western Illinois University
Jack S. Damico, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Embedding a Speech Sound Intervention in Shared Storybook Reading
Jessika Lawrence, California State University

Hot or Not?: A Survey Regarding Knowledge and Use of Complementary and Alternative Practices in Speech-Language Pathology
Rebecca Shisler Marshall, University of Georgia

Undergraduates' Knowledge and Interest in the Doctorate of Philosophy Degree for Communication Sciences and Disorders
Elizabeth A. Witter and Tim Brackenbury, Bowling Green State University