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ASHA's Interprofessional Education/Interprofessional Practice (IPE/IPP) Activities and Collaborations


  • Developed an ASHA IPE/IPP visual brand and initiated a redesign of the ASHA IPE/IPP webpages to better meet members informational needs. The new webpages and newly developed resources will be available in the second half of 2021.
  • AIPE/IPP Special Collection featuring IPE/IPP articles published in ASHA journals was developed in collaboration with the Serial Publications team. 
  • Supported the 2019 ASHA Faculty Development Institute (AFDI) cohort through ongoing check-in meetings and discussion groups to advance their IPE/IPP plans.
  • ASHA sponsored the 2020 National Academies of Practice (NAP) Annual Meeting (Silver sponsor) raising the visibility of audiology and speech-language pathology among 14 health professions.
  • ASHA 2020 President, Theresa Rodgers, shared ASHA’s vision for advancing IPE/IPP in a Spotlight interview with 2020 NAP President, Jody Frost.
  • Presented at the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education 2020 Nexus Summit on Developing Effective IPECP Messaging for Engagement and Advocacy.
  • Offered stipends to 4 ASHA members to attend the 2020 virtual IPEC Institute.
  • Broadly disseminated the latest IPE/IPP news, updates, publications, and learning opportunities to ASHA members.


  • ASHA Faculty Development Institute (AFDI) held September 2019 to prepare faculty to teach IPE/IPP
  • Offered IPE/IPP learning opportunities at ASHA Convention and Connect Conferences
  • Offered stipends to 13 ASHA members to attend IPEC Institutes
  • Awarded 25 travel stipends bringing other professions to the ASHA Convention as part of IPE/IPP teams
  • ASHA was a Silver level sponsor of the 2019 National Academies of Practice Annual Meeting and Forum and the Collaborating Across Borders VII conference
  • Surveyed ASHA CE Administrators and CE Consultants on IPE/IPP offerings
  • Surveyed ASHA members on IPP engagement
  • Developed a Marketing Plan for communicating about IPE/IPP


  • ASHA initiated 2018–2025 transformational initiatives to foster a culture of interprofessional education, practice, and research.
  • CFCC certification standards (effective January 1, 2020) for audiology and speech-language pathology approved and include IPE/IPP language.
  • Audiology Scope of Practice approved and includes IPE/IPP language.
  • IPE/IPP sessions featured at ASHA Connect Conferences.
  • Participated in 2018 All Together Better Health (ATBH) international IPE/IPP conference.
  • ASHA Convention offered 106 program sessions on IPE/IPP.
  • IPE/IPP Research Networking Event offered at the ASHA Convention to foster research in interprofessional education and practice.




  • Established a strategic objective to advance IPE/IPP in the professions.
  • ASHA staff developed a presentation on IPE/IPP that was delivered to state association annual meetings and other national conferences. 
  • ASHA was a Titanium Level sponsor of the Collaborating Across Borders (CAB V) 2015 conference on interprofessional education and practice. The CAB V conference is the fifth joint conference that links Canada and the United States around the key themes of IPE and IPP.
  • ASHA Convention offered 131 program sessions on IPE/IPP.


  • Board of Directors approved a resolution to support the Interprofessional Educational Collaborative (IPEC) Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice.
  • Conducted three focus groups of members working in academic, school, and health care settings to inform ASHA's IPE/IPP activities and resource development.
  • ASHA Convention offered 57 program sessions on IPE/IPP in this inaugural year for an IPE/IPP Convention program track.


  • Formed the Ad Hoc Committee on Interprofessional Education to develop recommendations [PDF] that address education and core competencies of interprofessional education related to reimbursement models for students and members.
  • A joint event of the 2013 Researcher-Academic Town Meeting and CE Provider Workshop [PDF] held at the ASHA Convention featured the topic, "Interprofessional Education: Leading Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists Into a Collaborative Era Through Pre-professional Education & Lifelong Learning."
  • Established a Convention program strand on Interprofessional Education (IPE) to begin in 2014.
  • ASHA was a Gold Level sponsor of the Collaborating Across Borders (CAB IV) 2013 conference on interprofessional education and practice. The CAB IV conference was the fourth joint conference that linked Canada and the United States around the key themes of IPE and IPP.


  • Joined the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education. ASHA's membership in the Global Forum provides a unique opportunity to include the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology in the decisions and outcomes for working collaboratively with other health professionals building upon the initial work of the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC).
  • Convened a Changing Health Care Landscape Summit October 5–7, 2012. The summit provided a forum for knowledge transfer, open discussion, and deliberation about the rapidly changing health care landscape, which includes a movement toward models of collaborative practice that improve patient safety and patient outcomes.


  • The Interprofessional Professionalism Collaborative (IPC), formed in 2006 at the invitation of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), comprises 13 health professions and one assessment organization. The goal of the IPC is to develop a tool to assess interprofessional interactions during clinical training and develop educational resources that foster professionalism in a collaborative practice setting.

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